The Senate Reform Punch

An interesting idea occured to me today while I was studying for an upcoming mid-term exam. This idea is about how the Conservative’s could force Paul Martin’s hand on Senate Reform. Now, this may sound weird, but I have some advice for Stephen Harper…(that sounded weird!) – Before I let you in on my idea, I need to state clearly that I HAVE NEVER VOTED FOR NOR HAVE I EVER SUPPORTED THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA (or their policies on SSM, more privatization, the idea of a warm cozy love-in with George W. and the GOP Gang, etc…).

Okay, now that I got that out of the way. My suggestion to Stephen Harper and his Party is that if they are really really serious about Senate Reform, why not force Paul Martin to deal with it by having their Senate Caucus (which were mostly appointed by former PM Brian Mulroney) simultaniously resign. This would leave some 3o new vacant senate seats on top of the already 16 or so vacant seats. So, now there would likely be 40-50 vacant seats in a Senate with just over 100 members. With a minority government now in place, I highly doubt Paul Martin would dare appoint 40 new members, but he could not let the Senate sit half-empty (or half-full). I think that an act like this would not only show that the CPC rejects appointment of Senators, but it could allow for some major reform of the upper house (or it could completely backfire, of course).

But, this would only happen if the Conservative’s are really serious about Senate Reform. Are they?


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