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Just a couple of cool links i’ve discovered in the past week.

1) CBC Archives – Very cool site with radio and video clips from across the past 50 years. Politics, Sports, Arts, Culture, etc. Check it out! CBC Archives

2) The Living Room Candidate – On this website, you can check out US Presidential election TV commercials going back to 1952. Recommended for political junkies like myself!

3) The former memebers of BC’s Citizen’s Assembly have set up a website to promote their single transferable vote choice. Check it out…

The House of Commons is also back in session this week and I was listening to it today (background music, wow does Stephen Harper have an angellic voice or what?). During QP, one of the Conservative MP’s (I think it may have been Edmonton Spruce Grove MP Rona Ambrose)brought up the dreaded “democratic deficit.” The just of the question was that there are at least 16 vacancies in the Senate (3 in Alberta), and what is the PM going to do about it (hold elections or not?).

Now, I strongly believe that the Senate needs some pretty heavy reforming, I’m just not sold on what those reforms should look like. I don’t think that electing our Senate under the flawed winner takes-all FPTP system would do anything to improve regional representation. Perhaps somekind of PR system, or STV? What do you think?

Back to the H of C question… one of the things i’m wondering – where do the Conservative Senators stand on this issue? Most of them were appointed by former PM Brian Mulroney. Would they run in a Senate election? Something they may have to think about if the PM ever decides to move on this issue.

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