Ode to Model Parliament 2005

3rd post of the day….I am a nerd.

I would just like to take the time to do a post-humourous recap of thanks for my weekend of last. I would like to thank my friend, Howard, for introducing me to Model Parliament two years ago! To what I am sure is the disappointment of one particular “Liberal” (translation: Good-time Charlie) who attempted to torpedo our Caucus, WE HAD FUN, SO HA! FIE ON YOU!

Yeah… so…last weekend, I and many of my fellow university chums and non-chums undertook the role of debate in the good old British style of Parliamentary Democracy (Ottawa cage-match style).


Night Friday – After an hour or so of socializing and beverage consuming at the great establishment of the Globe, myself (the Finance Minister) along with the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Minister of Canadian Heritage made our way to our glorious enterance at the Alberta Legislature Buildings. After being a total of 25 minutes late for our 30 minute caucus meeting, we (the mighty Liberal Caucus of 15 – what we lost in numbers, we made up in parliamentary personality!) took on the evil conservatives and not-evil-but-sometimes-almost-evil ndper collegues in a death match of “speech from the throne.” Thanks to Liberal MLA Hugh MacDonald for doing a great job as Gov Gen! What happened following the sftt was a brutally long session of kareokee and the like @ Cliff Clavin’s Pub.

Saturday Mornin’ – After a brutally long night of kareoke and schmozing, I needed a stop @ Tim’s for some coffee on my way back to the Leg. Well, lucky for me, I encountered 3 of my fellow Model Parliamentarians in line. Three great NDPers! So, back to the Leg and late again for caucus… oh well, who needs the finance minister anyway! What happened next was quite fun, QUESTION PERIOD! Twas good times, enjoyable. Everyone was in a good spirit and fun about it! I must thank the honourable member for Nanimo-Cowachin (holtopia!) for her pointed question regarding one “Mr. Sponge Bob Square Pants.” In response, I can say that the Government of Canada will do everything to protect Mr. Spongepants from those who would not have him around (Click here).Debate of Bills – I’m not going to get into this, because there ended up being alot of ammendments and attachments and stuff, I think our bill was passed (not sure what it looked like at the end…).

Saturday Night – following a long day of debate and raucus caucusing, we made our ways to the fine O’Byrne’s Pub where we proceeded to socialize and cause much scandal (take that Gomery Inquiry!) Twas a fun time, I seem to remember lots of singing and stuff. Got to meet alot of people from the other parties, good people, not all the conservatives were as scary as I thought they might be! They were actually quite fun! Same with the ND people! FUN! I didn’t like the getting kicked out at closing time part though (thanks to whoever it was that carried me back to Catherine’s apartment!).

Sunday Mornin’ – Well, Sunday mornin… I decided it was in the best interest of all my fellow caucus members to let me sleep in and recoop. So, in my 11am Trudeauesc enterance (red scarf and sunglasses included), I graced back into the house of debate and ended up accidentally voting to create a world-wide free trade zone (ooppps!). Well, in penance for this hanuos crime against common sense, I crossed the floor to the New Democratic Caucus. Soon after, my socialist bretheren and I staged a bloodless coup, taking over the front benches of the ND Caucus and enstalling myself as the moustachless Leader of the NDP (watch out Jack Layton!). Twas a good time, being able to stand up for the principles of the worker and take on those Liberal dawgs and Conservative hawks! Cheers everyone! It was fun!

So, in final recap, I HAD FUN! Though I ended up crossing to the NDP, MP2005’s Liberal Caucus was made up of a good bunch of fun people! Thanks! Though there were only 15 of us, we had fun! (and that was much better than having even one rotten smelly apple – you know who you are).

Also, Thanks to Stella for being a great Speaker! Thanks Spence for organizing such a fun weekend! Thanks to Andrea, the “Social Coordinator!” Thanks to Ryan, Dan, and Jason for their distinct leadership qualities as rotating PM’s! Thanks to Jen, Lisa Claire, and Catherine – the Charlie’s Angels of the Liberal Caucus! Thanks ND Holly, Ali, and Step for the fun time! And, everyone (who was there) for making it a fun weekend!



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