Klein takes a page from Taft’s Book

Wow… what planet am I living on???

Premier Ralph Klein announced tonight on his televised ‘address to the people’ that the provincial government will institute a fully funded tuition freeze for Alberta’s PSE students along with a promise that work will also begin on a new tuition policy to ensure that money isn’t a barrier for Albertans seeking an education. The policy will be completed by September 2006.

Well, who am I to dis’ a policy that makes sense! It’s about time – it took the guy 12 years to get it!?!

I couldn’t help but think that these statments by Mr. Klein sounded very very familiar… yes! It sounds kinda like Kevin Taft‘s Alberta Liberal PSE Policy from last fall’s provincial election! But don’t take my word for it!

On a Tuition-Freeze

Mr. Klein -“My message tonight to Alberta’s universities, colleges, and technical institutions is this: If you must increase tuitions, don’t send the bill to your students. Send it to us.

As our centennial gift to Alberta’s post-secondary students, government will pay the bill for their tuition increases for next year.

Alberta Liberals – “Immediately freeze post-secondary tuition fees.

On Accessibility

Mr. Klein – “We will do whatever it takes to make sure money isn’t a barrier to attending Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.

Alberta Liberals – “Commission an independent study of Alberta’s post-secondary education system to identify solutions to financing and accessibility issues and to increase student success.

Wow, so… if this is why I voted Alberta Liberal, what did Tories vote for?


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