Budgeting Wine Gums…

Well, as this is the first post in my ‘new flat in the city’ (as opposed to my ‘old flat in the city’), I must let you in on what i’m thinking…

1) It’s just after 10pm and I just ate an entire bag of Maynards Wine Gums…yum… I am sooo wired for the night.

Maybe I’ll start writing one of my term papers – for one of them, I’m writing on domestic and regional security issues in Eastern Europe since the dissolusion of the Warsaw Pact in the early 1990’s. I actually have a real facination with Eastern Europe (cultural, political, historical). I’m not sure where this comes from – It may be because i’m just a radical communist revolutionary at heart 😉

I don’t come from an Eastern European family (I’m an 11th generation Canadian – ‘My people’ settled in New France around 1665).

I think I want to go to Eastern Europe. I’ve been to Western Europe twice (both times before I was 18 years old). Warsaw, Prague, Minsk, Moscow, Budapest, and company just sound so cool. Maybe one day…

2) Finance Minister Ralph Goodale will be delivering the first budget of the Martin Minority Government tomorrow at 4pm Ottawa time. The Parliamentary website has an interesting fact sheet of how the budgetary process works. It should be interesting to see what kind of budget it’ll be. Stay tooned!

You can watch the budget presentation live on your computer or on television on CPAC.

3) I watched the movie ‘Troy‘ last night… and its joined ‘The Village‘ as one of the worst movies I’ve seen so far this year… Right now, the bad movies are winning. Haven’t seen too many good movies this year… I did see Garden State – one of my 2005 fav-o-rites!

I have Shrek 2 sitting on my shelf, hopefully the big green ogre will break my losing streak of bad, bad, bad movies!


D : )

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