Alberta Election 2019

Alberta’s next provincial general election is expected to be called between March 1, 2019 and May 31, 2019. If you know any candidates who have announced their intentions to stand for party nominations, please comment below or send me an email at I will add them and links to their social media sites to the list.

Here is a list of party candidates who are seeking nominations or have been nominated to run in the next provincial election (updated on June 16, 2018):

Candidates nominated for 2019 election
Alberta Party: 5/87
Green Party: 1/87
Liberal Party: 0/87
New Democratic Party: 7/87
United Conservative Party: 9/87

UCP nomination candidate: Ian Chitwood, Peter Guthrie [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter], Morgan Nagel [Facebook], Mauri Stiff [Facebook], Laura Talsma [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]

UCP nomination candidates [Nomination contest: June 20, 2018]: Roger Millions, Angela Pitt [Facebook, Twitter]

UCP nomination candidate: Monty Bauer [Facebook], Glenn van Dijken [Facebook, Twitter]

NDP nomination candidate: Cameron Westhead [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Miranda Rosin [Facebook,], Scott Winograd [Facebook, Twitter] WITHDRAWN

Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul
Alberta Party nomination candidate: [Nomination meeting: June 25, 2018]
UCP nomination candidate: David Hanson [Facebook, Twitter], Glenn Spiess [Facebook]

Brooks-Medicine Hat
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Jim Black
UCP nomination candidate: S. Todd Beasley, Michaela Glasgo [Facebook, Twitter], 

UCP nomination candidate: Amina Beecroft [Facebook, Twitter] David Guenter [Facebook], Tyler Shandro [Facebook, Twitter]

Alberta Party: Karen McPherson
UCP nomination candidate: Randy Kerr [Twitter], Daniel Kostek [Facebook, Twitter], Josephine Pon [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]

NDP nomination candidate: Deborah Drever [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Cheryl Durkee, Harry Fleming [Facebook], Demetrios Nicolaides [Facebook, InstagramTwitter]

Alberta Party:  Omar Masood [FacebookTwitter]
NDP: Joe Ceci [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Megan McCaffrey [Facebook,Twitter], Tom Olsen [Facebook, Twitter]

UCP nomination candidate: Farhan Baig [Facebook], Roshan Chumber, Sherrisa Celis [Facebook, Twitter], Emile Gabriel

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Anthony Norman
NDP: Brian Malkinson [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidates: Amoriza Gunnink, Nicholas Milliken [Twitter]Anthony Parker [Facebook], Bettina Pierre-Gilles

UCP nomination candidate: Matthew Dirk, Robert O’Leary Pradeep Singh

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Beth Barberree, Joanne Gui
UCP:Prasad Panda [Facebook, Twitter]

Alberta Party: Greg Clark [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidates: Chris Davis [Facebook, Twitter] Doug Schweitzer [Facebook, Twitter]

Liberal nomination candidate: Deepak Sharma 
UCP nomination candidate: Pete de Jong [FacebookTwitter], Happy Mann [Facebook]

Calgary-Fish Creek
UCP nomination candidate: Richard Gotfried, Cindy Ross

UCP nomination candidate: Jason LuanConnor Staus

UCP nomination candidate: Christopher Grail, Whitney Issik, Michael LaBerge Phillip Schumann [Facebook,Twitter], Maureen Zelmer

UCP: Ric McIver

Alberta Party nomination candidate [Nomination meeting: June 27, 2018]: Kara Levis [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]
NDP nomination candidate: Craig Coolahan [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Kathy Macdonald, Jeremy Nixon

UCP: Jason Kenney

NDP: Irfan Sabir
UCP nomination candidate: Jasraj Singh Hallan [Twitter], Aryan Sadat

Calgary-Mountain View
Green: Thana Boonlert [Facebook, Twitter]
NDP: Kathleen Ganley [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Dean Brawn [Twitter]

UCP nomination candidate: Paul Frank [Facebook, Twitter], Jun Lin

Calgary-North East
Alberta Party nomination candidate [Nomination meeting: June 29, 2018]Nate Pike [Facebook, Twitter]
Liberal nomination candidate: Gul Khan
UCP nomination candidate: Anand Chetty, Tariq Khan

Calgary-North West
UCP nomination candidate: Jennele Giong, Cam Khan, Sonya Savage

UCP nomination candidate: Tanya Fir [Facebook, Twitter], Andrew Griffin, Jeevan Mangat, Jeff Watson

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Bronson Ha
NDP nomination candidate: Graham Sucha
UCP nomination candidate: Brad Leishman, Mark Mantei [Facebook], Daniel McLean, Rebecca Schulz

Calgary-South East
UCP nomination candidate: Cameron Davies, Matt Jones [Facebook]

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Beth Barberree
NDP nomination candidate: Michael Connolly

UCP nomination candidate: Lesley Doell [Facebook, Twitter], Michael Kim [Facebook, Instagram], John Volponi [Facebook]

UCP: Mike Ellis

UCP nomination candidate: Dawn Anderson, Robert Johnson

UCP nomination candidate [Nomination meeting: June 25,26,27, 2018]: Joseph Schow [Facebook], Marc Slingerland [Facebook, Twitter]

Central Peace-Notley
NDP nomination candidate [nomination date: June 28, 2018]: Marg McCuaig Boyd
UCP nomination candidate: Todd Loewen

UCP nomination candidate: Leela Aheer [Facebook, Twitter], David Campbell, Mark Giesbrecht, Pamela Hilton

Cypress-Medicine Hat
UCP: Drew Barnes

Drayton Valley-Devon
NDP nomination candidate [Nomination Meeting on June 23, 2018]: Kieran Quirke
UCP nomination candidate: Andrew BoitchenkoMark Smith

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Mark Nikota
UCP nomination candidate: Nathan Horner, Todd PawseyRick Strankman

NDP nomination candidate: Deron Bilous [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: David Egan [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter], Roger Fodjo

Edmonton-Castle Downs
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Mohamad Rahall
UCP nomination candidate: Ed Ammar, Gennadi Boitchenko, Arthur Hagen, Gordon Reekie

Edmonton-City Centre
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Robert Philp
NDP nomination candidate David Shepherd [Facebook, Twitter]

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Ali Haymour
UCP nomination candidate: Janice Sarich [Twitter]

Alberta Party nomination candidate [Nomination meeting: June 25, 2018]: Yash Sharma
UCP nomination candidate: Sanjay Patel

Alberta Party: Carla Stolte
NDP nomination candidate: Sarah Hoffman [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Marjorie Newman

Edmonton-Gold Bar
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Diana Ly
NDP nomination candidate: Marlin Schmidt [Facebook]
UCP: David Dorward

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Tish Prouse
UCP nomination candidate: Michael Kalyn

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Manwar Khan, Jitender Sahni
NDP nomination candidate: Heather Sweet [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Kulshan Gill

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Amritpal Singh Matharu
UCP nomination candidate: Joel Mullan, Arundeep Sandhu, Sant Sharma

Alberta Party: Stephen Mandel [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Steve Thompson 

Edmonton-Mill Woods
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Anju Sharma
NDPChristina Gray [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: David Fletcher

NDP nomination candidate: David Eggen
UCP nomination candidate: Ali Eltayeb

NDP nomination candidate: Lori Sigurdson
UCP nomination candidate: Shawn McLeod

Alberta Party nomination candidate [Nomination meeting: September 10, 2018]: Aisha Rauf
UCP nomination candidate: Rafat Alam [Twitter], Shaun Collicott, Laine Larson [Facebook], Hannah Presakarchuk

Alberta Party nomination candidate [Nomination meeting: June 24, 2018]: Enayat Aminzadah, Dan Johnstone [Facebook, Twitter], Pramod Kumar 
NDP nomination candidate: Thomas Dang [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidates: Mike Nickel, Tunde Obasan [Facebook], Atul Ranade

Edmonton-South West
UCP nomination candidate: Kevin Greco [Facebook, Twitter], Kaycee Madu [Facebook]

NDP nomination candidate: Rachel Notley

Edmonton-West Henday
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Winston Leung
NDP nomination candidate: Jon Carson [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Lance Coulter [Facebook], Nicole Williams [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]

Alberta Party nomination candidate [Nomination meeting: June 26, 2018]: Jonathan Dai
UCP nomination candidate: Ian Crawford, Nawaz Panhwer [Facebook], Payman Parseyan

Fort McMurray-Conkin (July 12, 2018 by-election)
Alberta Party – Sid Fayed [Twitter]
Green: Brian Deheer
Liberal: Robin Le Fevre
NDP: Jane Stroud [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP: Laila Goodridge [Facebook, Twitter]

Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Campbell Pomeroy
UCP nomination candidate [Nomination deadline: June 26, 2018]: Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, Darryl Kropielnicki

Grande Prairie-Wapiti
UCP nomination candidate: Kate Potter [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]

UCP nomination candidate: Wayne Anderson, Carrie Fisher, Dean Leask, Richard Sigurdson

Innisfail-Sylvan Lake (July 12, 2018 by-election)
Alberta Party: Abigail Douglass [Facebook, Twitter]
Green: Marco Reid
LiberalNicolaas Jansen
NDP: Nicole Mooney [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP: Devin Dreeshen [Facebook, Twitter]

Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland
NDP nomination candidate: Oneil Carlier [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidates: Barbara Costache, Dale Johnson, Jerry Molnar [Facebook, Twitter], Everett Normandeau, Leah Wood [Facebook, Twitter]

UCP nomination candidates: Ron Orr, Rita Reich

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Jan Becker
UCP nomination candidate: Brad Rutherford [Facebook, Twitter], Sharon Smith

NDP: Maria Fitzpatrick [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Bryan Litchfield, Nathan Neudorf [Facebook]

NDPShannon Phillips [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidates: Richard Dempsey, George Rigaux

Lesser Slave Lake
UCP nomination candidate: Garrett Tomlinson

Alberta Party nomination candidate: Tim Meech
UCP nomination candidate: Justin Murphy, Roger Reid

UCP nomination candidate: Donna Andres, Sandra Kim [Facebook], Richard Wilson

Morinville-St. Albert
UCP nomination candidate: Amber Harris [Facebook], Trina Jones, Dale Nally, Don Rigney

Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills
UCP nomination candidate [Nomination deadline: June 4, 2018]: Nathan Cooper

Peace River
UCP nomination candidate: Kelly Bunn [Facebook], Donald Lee [Facebook], Shelly Shannon [Facebook], Lisa Wardley [Facebook], Dan Williams

Red Deer North
UCP nomination candidate: Cole Kander [Facebook], Adriana LaGrange [FacebookTwitter]

Red Deer South
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Ryan Mcdougal
UCP nomination candidate: Adele Poratto [Facebook, InstagramTwitter], Jason Stephan, Norman Wiebe [Facebook], Haley Wile

Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre
UCP: Jason Nixon

St. Albert
NDP nomination candidate: Marie Renaud [Facebook, Twitter]
UCP nomination candidate: Jeff Wedman 

Sherwood Park
Alberta Party nomination candidate [Nomination meeting: July 8, 2018]
UCP nomination candidate: Maureen Gough, Len Thom [FacebookTwitter], Jordan Walker [Facebook, Twitter]

Spruce Grove-Stony Plain
UCP nomination candidates: Mathew Clarke [Facebook], Brendon Greene [Twitter], Searle Turton [Facebook, Twitter]

Strathcona-Sherwood Park
Alberta Party nomination candidate: Dave Quest
UCP: Nate Glubish [Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter]

UCP: Grant Hunter

UCP nomination candidate: Danny Hozack, Garth Rowswell

West Yellowhead
NDP nomination candidate: Eric Rosendahl
UCP nomination candidate: Martin Long

17 thoughts on “Alberta Election 2019

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  3. Ken Chapman

    The next election could happen on, before or even AFTER May 31, 2019. Fixed election dates are not binding given the abuses of the past.

  4. NewsHound

    Stephen Mandel has said he will seek the AB Party nomination in Edmonton-McClung, whether he wins the leadership or not.

    “Mandel says even if he loses the leadership race, he will run for the Alberta Party in the 2019 election in his home riding of Edmonton-McClung, which is currently held by NDP backbencher Lorne Dach.”

  5. Rick Smith

    Sharon Smith will be seeking the UCP nomination in Leduc/Beaumont. She ran in this riding as a Wildrose Candidate last provincial election, finishing second to the NDP candidate

  6. Richard

    Calgary – Peigan
    Spelling correction of (Piegan). Assuming that the word Peigan came from the Peigan Nation which is now known as the Piikani Nation of the Blackfoot confederacy. This would be one of those I before E except after C, or, or, or, or exceptions.

  7. Alex

    David Dorward is recycling himself as a UCP nominee after being defeated in 2015 by Marlin Schmidt, now a Minister in the Notley government. I hope someone else runs against Dorward as he cannot win with his record.


    I don’t know how you keep up with this political website.
    You have done a great job in compiling this data.

    Thank you.


  9. Chris

    I noticed Edmonton Strathcona is missing from this list. Are there any candidates for this riding yet?


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