Alberta Election 2019

Alberta’s next provincial general election will take place on or before May 31, 2019. If you know any candidates who have announced their intentions to stand for party nominations, please send me an email at I will add them to the list.

Here is a list of party candidates who are seeking nominations or have been nominated to run in the next provincial election (updated on November 9, 2017):

Alberta Party:  Omar Masood [FacebookTwitter]

Cold Lake-St. Paul
United Conservative Party:
Declared nomination candidate: Glenn Spiess [Facebook]

United Conservative Party:
Declared nomination candidate: Tunde Obasan (Facebook)

St. Albert
New Democratic Party
Declared nomination: Marie Renaud [Twitter]

35 thoughts on “Alberta Election 2019

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  3. Wendy Osborn

    I think you have the wrong twitter link for Shannon Phillips. That, or someone hijacked her twitter account.

  4. Ryan

    This is pathetic. How is this a functional democracy, when the “official opposition” can only contest in nearly half of the ridings, and the other parties who won’t cooperate with one another to contest can only do essentially 30% each?

  5. Terrence Lo

    Hi Dave,

    I emailed you my twitter handle to update your listing a few weeks ago. I thought I better give it to you again.

    Terry Lo

  6. JIm

    I would encourage everyone of voting age to listen to the candidates in their riding. I am almost certain that the best candidate for the job will be an independent. If you are lucky enough to have an independent running for you I would encourage you to give them serious consideration. If you have learned nothing of the past year or two you should have at least learned that the PC, nor the Wildrose, nor any other party is there for you. They are there for themselves and themselves only. Make your vote count, vote for someone who will represent YOU and YOUR interests. That should be your number one priority.

  7. Yvon Loiselle

    Dave, I’m having problems confirming Edmonton-Mill Creek NDP’s candidate… is it Denise “Woolard” or “Wollard”?

  8. Michael Hynes

    I think Marc Chikinda’s name is spelled incorrectly above (Calgary Mountain View). He replaced Christoper McMillan (not sure why, but Chris resigned). Marc is Dean of Communication studies at Mount Royal, and writes in the Herald.

  9. Fiona

    Calgary-Glenmore Residents come to the Haysboro Hall for an all-candidates forum on Sunday, April 26th from 7-9 pm
    1204-89th Ave SW

  10. Name Goes Here

    The Alberta Party candidate in Calgary-Varsity, Jeremy Mroch, appears to have quit. From a Facebook post dated April 8: “Hello, Friends. I’m sorry to announce that I dropped out of the election over the weekend due to an unexpected situation. Thank you for all of your support over the last few months.” I don’t know if the Alberta Party has a replacement; maybe you could ask them?

  11. Shannon

    I am confused about the difference between Edmonton – west and Edmonton-Meadowlark. Is there a difference? Is there a list of candidates for Edmonton West?

  12. Bruce Koller

    It has come to my attention and was confirmed by Elections Alberta that the words Member of the Legislative Assembly and/or the acronym MLA are not to be used in any election campaign material. In the last three weeks since the election was called Mr. Anglin has posted his campaign signs and brochures incorporating the acronym MLA.He has also run ads in our local newspapers using the same. It appears that Mr. Anglin who proclaims to have high standards has resorted to unprincpaled methods in an attempt to secure support at the polls on May 5.

  13. Kathy

    I followed your twitter hyperlink, that you placed beside Beth Barberee (Alberta Party candidate in the Calgary-Hawkwood riding). I thought this was her twitter account and so was unimpressed when I saw her last tweet was in February. Then I read the tweet and saw that her account is different – that you gave us the link to Calgary-Hawkwood (which should have gone at the top of that riding’s title). I just checked her twitter account @beth4hawkwood and she tweeted 39 seconds ago. I think the way you show the links is misleading.

  14. Deb

    I’m wondering what rules there are about a voting station being re-located beside a running candidate?

    In Clareview I drove near a strip mall containing Michaels/BulkBarn/Moores, and found tha Tony Caterina is now located a couple stores down from the voting station.

    Both locations are newly created, so its as if it was purposefully planned. Either elections alberta purposefully changed their location to be close to the PC candidate office, or the PC candidate purposefully opened beside the voting office. Either way, it has the optics of influencing votes.

  15. William Hoff

    For over 20 years I have voted PC in federal, provincial, but this time I will vote . Nicholas Borovsky LIB for Acadia S.E. Calgary. Mr. Prentice you can thank our preasessor Alice Redford and her shamble leadership for my change in voting.

  16. Deb

    I’m wondering what happens if there are no candidates for the party you want to support.

    Would this mean
    a) you just loose your vote as you don’t want the two candidates running in your riding?
    b) your stuck picking one of the two candidates which you don’t support?

  17. Hal

    Serious question here, is there an accountant among all of the NDP MLA’s? I haven’t seen one yet.

  18. Judy

    that’s nice now what about the riding of Calgary Greenway or do we not even get considered because we have no representaive to call for questions about our government

    1. diane marie

      It couldn’t possibly have something to do with the price of oil, which slide began before the NDP came to power. May I suggest a Google search about the Texas economy, where the NDP surely have no influence?

  19. Rick Hicks

    I have tried several times to reach Randy and we cannot seem to connect ,I would like to have a sit down and talk to see how I can help the Reform Party get strong and possible run as a candidate but getting very upset with the lack of communication

  20. Walter Sylewko

    Great day for southern Alberta and a big welcome to politics Mr. Motz–maybe you can stop or help fuel the stop on carbon taxing the poor again–with our fuel going up in Jan.2017–well do we have to go back to riding horses–oh forgot they pollute the air too with their farts–then they would tax us there too–there is no escape–maybe we can do a little going back–income tax was established for just a short time just to help out during the conflicts–well why not go back there and see how bad we really need this tax B.S.
    well like they–the politicians said just for a short time and we are a poor broken nation with a leader who will help kill us all just like his dad did with his energy policy back in 1985 lost my job then too and for 6 months I could not buy a job.–Well enough of this bullshit and let the people get together and put on one of the largest demonstrations that this country has ever seen–and maybe then the BOYS on the HILL will realize that the common folk are some pissed and lets turn things around a bit.


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