Recommended Listening: A list of my favourite podcasts

I had the pleasure of chatting with the talented Karen Unland on her excellent Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast last week about my experiences while blogging about Alberta politics and some of the changes that have happened in online media since I started writing this blog a decade ago.

One of the things that has changed over the past ten years is the proliferation of podcasts available on almost any topic. On Karen’s podcast, I recommended a handful of podcasts that I listen to on a weekly basis. Here is an expanded list of podcasts that I would give my seal of approval:

9 thoughts on “Recommended Listening: A list of my favourite podcasts

  1. Zain

    Thanks for the +1 Dave!
    On another note, totally agree with Slate – would listen to anything with John Dickerson.

  2. Raj

    Radio lab, hardcore history and the strategists are probably my three favourite podcasts. I do listen to the journal press gallery, but I feel that in comparison to the strategists, it comes across as very fluffy. Vox’s new weeds podcast is very promising for those who want to listen to policy nerds geeking out.

  3. Adam

    I just started my 2nd year of podcasting with a very good friend of mine. I love the community found in podcasting. We are “Everyone Has A Podcast” on iTunes and in the Google Play Store. Sorry for the shameless plug. I’ll check out others in the list. It’s nice to meet other Alberta podcasters 🙂


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