Celebrating last night's Yeggies with my friend and yeggies co-founder Adam Rozenhart.

Daveberta wins two awards at the Yeggies

I was honoured to be the recipient of the Best in Political/Current Affairs Award and a Special Lifetime Achievement Award at last night’s Yeggies celebration at La Cité Francophone. The Edmonton New Media Awards, or the Yeggies, is an annual awards show created to recognize and celebrate outstanding social media content creators in Edmonton.

I knew was up against some tough competition in the Political/Current Affairs category – Andrew Leach, Extreme Enginerding and Radical Citizen Media – but the Lifetime Achievement Award was a complete surprise. It may seem strange for a 31-year old to accept an award like that (I hope to live for a few more decades), but it does feel like a lifetime since I launched this blog ten years ago.

I had no idea what this blog would become when I first hit the publish button back in January 2005, but 6 Premiers and 3 provincial elections later, I am still writing about the always exciting world of Alberta politics. And although it remains my hobby, it is still an honour to be recognized for the work I have put into this blog over the past ten years.

Congratulations to all the other award winners and nominees and Thank You to the Yeggies Committee and to everyone who continues reading this blog.

5 thoughts on “Daveberta wins two awards at the Yeggies

  1. AlbertaRush

    Ant on, if that is your real name, be nice. Dave just won an award and all you can do is vomit. Really?

    Daveberta, you do good work. On behalf of everyone not named Ant on, thanks.


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