16 thoughts on “Farewell Liberalberta? Alberta Liberals back in the red

  1. Tim W

    I agree Mark – it looks like the Liberal was cut and paste from the last logo, but the ‘al’ were part of the ‘alberta’ font (albeit bolded in the previous version).

  2. Wondering

    You said before raj stepped down… Is that true? He is running for the fed libs? Blakeman is leader now on an interim basis?

    Also, agree on the two font thing… Weird.

  3. midge

    I’m surprised there is no link to the Alberta Liberal Caucus or any mention at all of their MLAs other than Dr. Swann’s post. Unless perhaps Trudeau made all the MLAs independents along with the senators?

  4. Laurence Miall

    Re: the font. I think it’s that the “al” is not bolded while the “Liber” is?
    Re: the Alberta Liberals. WTF?!
    In case you wanted any further reasons to doubt the party’s sincerity or credibility, it continues to blunder around like a blind man, and worse, with an identity crisis.

  5. jerrymacgp

    The Alberta Liberal party is moribund and deserves to be allowed to die a peaceful death. Progressive voters should stick with the only viable progressive option left: the NDP.

  6. Troy

    The logo absolutely has two different fonts in it, amateur mistake.

    But sadly, it’s hard to be surprised at the Liberals being amateur hour. The party has collapsed so badly it’s unbelievable. Sherman is clearly the worst leader the party has ever had. The five remaining MLAs are simply collecting a paycheque and acting as independents. It’s pretty sad when you compare it what is happening federally plus the fact Alberta needs strong voices on the centre-left now more than ever. Alberta as a whole will never vote NDP and without the Liberals it’s the right vs. the super-right as always. (Sigh).

  7. paul c

    Why wouldnt the Alberta Liberal Party jump on the Trudeau Wagon? It truly is too bad that they cannot maintain a consistent voice for the left in the Legislature……Brian Mason and the NDP are not taken seriously by the majority…..it appears all of their opposition is falling on deaf ears…..As far as Raj Sherman……if he does go the Federal route……good for him……a decent enough fellow.

  8. W S

    I wish we had a single left wing party with a real vision and a real leader. As it stands, I’m going to have to make a choice between the PCs and the Wild Rose again next election.

    Do I choose the PCs hoping that they stay more liberal than the Wild Rose, even though I’ve witnessed the destruction the current PC Government has wrought on services, revenues, the public service, education, health care etc?

    Do I choose the Wild Rose out of sheer desire for a change after 44 years, knowing that they could be worse than the PCs (and certainly have elements that are) but also knowing that any change might be the path forward to a more liberal government in the future? The PCs need to get voted out and only the wild rose can beat them…after that maybe the left can unite and beat the wild rose in 2020?

    I firmly place the blame for this situation on Raj Sherman, David Swan, Raj Pannu and Brian Mason. These idiots know the math, they know that no more than 40% of Albertans will vote left of the PCs, they know that by splitting that vote 2 ways, and now 3 with the Alberta Party, that they have no shot of winning and in fact will barely make official party status every time. They know that this means another 40 years of right wing rule if they don’t change things. They also know that they only differ on maybe 10% of issues and that a compromise could be worked out on those. We need one strong, united left wing party. If these losers don’t finally join forces they will be so insignificant after the next election that they might as well fold completely.

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  10. daveberta Post author

    @Mark @Tim W – It looks like the new logo is a cut of the old logo with the ‘-berta’ removed.

    @Grant – Yes, that appears to be a white flag.

  11. Vincent St. Pierre

    Hey all,

    Vincent here. President of the Calgary-Klein Provincial Liberals. Just making a quick comment to point out that I’ve been taking notes on what is being said in the comment section and will be forwarding the thoughts brought out here to the party.

    You can check out the Calgary-Klein Liberals online at http://www.calgary-klein.ca.


  12. Rene

    Agree with Troy’s comment, Alberta will never vote NDP especially in the south. Liberals lost a large block to Redford in the last election, where they go no one knows, most definitely not NDP, Green or the Alberta Party.

    The Alberta Liberals were viable when they were in opposition –no longer. 4 parties vying for third place is insane.

    Unfortunately, NDP and Liberals will continue to destroy each other in the media and at the polls instead of working together for Albertans. Alberta and Green Party simply getting lost would help Alberta.

  13. AB shxt show

    Some stagnant, hater Libs need to realize that constantly vilifying any party leader, is like airing dirty laundry, it does incalculable damage to the brand and kills any hope any new leader has to gain voter traction. In short some of you haters are either helping the PC machinery or seriously in need of taking a time out for a few years and getting some personal help for your own personal issues.

    Even the worst of PC supporters or mlas never publically damage their own party by vilifying their leader or would be leaders. The last political debate for Liberal Leader, was some of the worst personalized attacking. Even the PCs never had this sort of thing. Party supporters and insiders will elevate party image, political image and donations, when they support the leader, regardless of who it is. It is high time for many of you to get positive, help your party out by supporting your leader and in doing so, you further your own cause. Until some of you do this, no Liberal Leader will ever have the ability to challenge the Tory juggernaut. Choose to be a part of solution and lighten up a little bit and ask what have you done to give democracy a chance. Some of you folks are good at being spoilers, contrarians and very negative. Pls go help the Tories out, if you are serious about change in AB. Your talents may be best served else where. I wish I could feel better for all Lib leaders, past and current. They have had too much crxp to deal with. New blood is needed at all levels, irregardless of who is leader. PC voters and insiders always hold their nose and back their leader. Some of you should atleast have the sense to emulate success, rather than pursue some irrationally entrenched idea of a political utopia. Until many of you do, you will never have the imagination voters on your side. 42 years and counting.

  14. Robert Sampson

    It does not matter what you believe. The fact of the matter is, Trudeau is going to be the next PM, maybe in a minority, but surely, the Liberal party will be the largest opposition.


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