Alberta Liberal Liberalberta Logo

The Alberta Liberals “Liberalberta” logo adopted in October 2012 (left) and the logo currently on the Liberal Party website (right).

Less than two years after adopting a new green and grey Liberalberta logo, the Alberta Liberal Party appears to have switched back to the party’s traditional red. A new website design launched last week shows the Liberals have also dropped the “-berta” portion of the logo, returning to plain ‘Liberal‘ name.
The adoption of the new branding in October 2012 was a shock for many party supporters who were surprised at the sudden shift in branding. It is yet to be seen how the party’s supporters will react to the latest logo change.
While the provincial Liberals may have been looking to distance themselves from the federal Liberals in 2012, the switch back to red may signal a desire to appear closer to Justin Trudeau‘s Liberals.
The party has stood on shaky financial ground since before the 2012 election. Recent financial disclosure reports show that Dr. Raj Sherman‘s Liberals only raised $339,540 in 2013, more than $100,000 less than the party raised in 2012.

Meanwhile, while the Liberal Caucus twitter account remains active, the official Alberta Liberal Party twitter account has been silent since Decemeber 22, 2013. The tweet below was the party’s final tweet of 2013: