Alison Redford Harvey Locke Calgary Centre Liberal

Premier Alison Redford and Calgary-Centre Liberal candidate Harvey Locke at this weekend’s PC AGM in Calgary.

There has been a lot of media attention over the past week focused on the  split between federal and provincial Conservatives in the Calgary-Centre by-election. While most Tories appear to be supporting Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt, many Progressive Conservatives remain unhappy with Ms. Crockatt’s tacit support of the Wildrose Party in the recent provincial election.

PC Premier Alison Redford has tried to downplay the rift between the two parties in the by-election, even admiting that she has a giant Conservative sign on her lawn.

Whatever campaign sign occupies her front lawn, a photo of the Premier posing with federal Liberal candidate Harvey Locke at this weekend’s Progressive Conservative convention will surely fuel more speculation about a split between federal and provincial Conservative parties.

The attendance of Mr. Locke at the convention also raises questions about whether the federal Liberals are trying to forge new political ties with the provincial Tories in Alberta.