9 thoughts on “it’s getting a little more crowded on the ndp tarp.

  1. Neal Gray

    Great ad. Shows that the NDP caucus gets what FolkFestival can be like. The redone Fest logo in the top right is just awesome.

  2. Bob

    Who wear’s a sports jacket to Folk Fest? Otherwise, it’s good and I guess you gotta take your wins where you can.

  3. May Day

    Maybe the NDP should have been the official opposition. At least they are a happy bunch, unlike the whining, angry group that makes up the present opposition. Great ad!!

  4. hartacres

    hope you enjoy yourselves at the Folk Festival. Good to see twice as many progressive MLAs on the ND tarp. Let’s hope in four years we need to buy more tarps.

  5. Neal

    The NDP have a similarly well suited, cute and funny ad in the Fringe Festival program. I can’t find it online anywheres thou. Shows what good work the caucus staff are doing for Mason, Notley, et all. They have some very clever people working for them.

  6. Martin Levenson

    Don’t they know they’re allowed an 8′ x 10′ tarp? And that they must WALK, not RUN, to place that tarp?

    And why have they set up their tarp where nobody else seems to want to be?


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