mla doug elniski not seeking re-election.

Edmonton MLA Doug Elniski

Doug Elniski

Edmonton-Calder Progressive Conservative MLA Doug Elniski announced on his website todaythat he will not be seeking re-election. Mr. Elniski was first elected in 2008. While anyone who has met him will admit that he is likeable guy (including myself), he has had the unfortunate ability to say the exact wrong thing at the exact wrong time.

MLA Doug Elniski announces he is not seeking re-election.
(Media Release January 19th, 2012)

The greatest honour of my life was to be elected by my neighbours to serve as the MLA for the Edmonton-Calder constituency.

Since March 2008, I have attempted to honestly and diligently represent the issues of my constituents and to work to improve their quality of life. In doing so, I was enriched by the wonderful relationships that developed for which I will always be grateful.

I am especially proud to have helped my friend and colleague, the Honourable Alison Redford become Alberta’s first woman Premier. Her pragmatic approach to governance is exactly what we need in a province as prosperous as Alberta. Her stewardship will ensure that equity exists between service to Albertans and fiscal responsibility.

We have the resources most in demand in the world; food, fuel and fibre. Alberta is the economic engine of Canada and Canada, in turn, is the safest most robust economy in the world.

After considerable internal debate, I have decided I will not be seeking re-election in 2012 to pursue other opportunities.

Thank you to all my friends, supporters and constituents for the opportunity to serve you as the MLA for Edmonton-Calder. I wish you all success in whatever endeavours you pursue and never forget… “It’s all in Calder”.

God bless,

Doug Elniski

Mr. Elniski’s departure could be good news for former NDP MLA David Eggen, who is campaigning for a comeback after his narrow defeat in 2008.

10 thoughts on “mla doug elniski not seeking re-election.

  1. Tony

    If I was a bettin’ man, I’d put money on David Eggen re-taking this seat for the New Democrats. Unless, of course, the conservatives parachute in some superstar candidate from affar.

  2. Rob

    I hope this is a sign of the “Redford Backroom” punting those less desirable candidates. Wonder if Tony Vandermeer is next?

  3. daveberta Post author

    Here’s a list of retiring MLAs (help me if I missed one):

    Ken Kowalski
    Ed Stelmach
    Ron Liepert
    Mel Knight
    Lloyd Snelgrove
    Lindsey Blackett
    George Groeneveld
    Fred Lindsay
    Barry McFarland
    Rob Renner
    Iris Evans
    Art Johnston
    Richard Marz
    Ken Allred
    Janis Tarchuk
    Doug Elniski

    Kevin Taft
    Harry Chase
    Hugh MacDonald

    Alberta Party:
    Dave Taylor

  4. Debbie

    Half the list is useless MLAs who should have retired years ago or never been elected in the first place. But there are a few there who did work hard in their role: Ken Allred wasn’t afraid to speak out for what was right, and Marz finally found his voice to do so at the end. A few others did some good work but just got old and complacent.

    Thinking about the MLA salary review going on right now and wishing the criteria would be like a real job application – you don’t attract quality candidates with a huge salary. You attract quality candidates by making the job application and interview process far tougher.

  5. Debbie

    I should add that as far as I’m concerned, the Liberals on the list and former Liberal Dave Taylor worked their butts off and deserve nothing but respect

  6. Phil

    It’s always charming to hear someone reference elected officials as “useless”. God knows I’d never want to run for office. By the way Debbie, just how does a “job application” jive with the whole voting into office by the general public?

    A former civil servant who often worked with backbench PCs. Some worked incredibly hard, some didn’t. General public wouldn’t know either way.

  7. Bob

    Good for you, Phil. I guess Debbie’s criteria for usefulness is along party lines. That’s fine, I guess, but we should at least acknowledge that these people (AND their families) made sacrifices for the public good. And Debbie, I may be dumb, but I fail to see how making the job application and interview process far tougher, without a commensurate salary, attracts quality candidates. I can see it now – yes, we’ll make you crawl on your knees through broken glass to get a job that pays you in magic beans. I know I’ll be first in line.

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