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no morton points scored here.

After having spent most of my day sitting in Rutherford Library pouring over a series of response articles between the Ted Morton and Rainer Knopff duo and the feisty Miriam Smith, I think my brain is very close to reaching the ‘mush’ point. As interesting as I find the Court Party debate, I think I’ll save writing a post about it until later…

I had some good solid fun checking out the Born Ruffians show at the Velvet Undergroud this weekend. The Born Ruffians are on tour now, so I’d recommend you check them out if they’re playing in a town near you… you should also check out their MySpace page for some sample songs. Here’s the video for their song ‘Hummingbird’…

And of course, as I seem to do at the end of month, I was at Oh Susanna at the Varscona Theater last night. If you haven’t been, you should. They put on a good show and rarely disappoint. The Be Arthurs were there too and gave the audience a hilarious rendition of Bitches ain’t Shit.

If you’ve never heard the Be Arthurs, here’s a clip from one of their live shows.