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ron stevens’ hawaiian vacation.

What a week in Alberta politics. First, the damning Alberta Royalty Review Report and Auditor General’s Report slammed Ed Stelmach‘s Tory Government for failing to collect BILLIONS of dollars in resource revenues owed to Albertans over the past 15 years. Then only days later, Ed Stelmach was refusing to fire his Cabinet Ministers responsible for the Department of Energy royalty scandal.

Now, it appears that the Stelmach Tories are being hit with new emerging scandals to deal with.

CBC has discovered that Stelmach’s Calgary Lieutenant, Deputy Premier and Calgary-Glenmore Tory MLA Ron Stevens, used his government credit card to make a three-day ‘pit stop’ in Hawaii on a 2003 winter trip to Australia for government business.

Credit card statements obtained under Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act show meals and drinks for Stevens, his wife and four others during their Honolulu stay were paid for with government cards.

Stevens defended the spending as saving Albertans money by taking a three-day tax-payer funded Hawaiian vacation.

Earlier this week Auditor General Fred Dunn revealed that former Tory Minister and leadership candidate Mark Norris and his assistant Sasha Angus used government credit cards to rack up nearly $50,000 in personal expenses with little record keeping (including for a bachelor party in Las Vegas). So, I think Albertans can be forgiven if it’s a little hard to take Stevens’ ‘word for it.’

Ed Stelmach Mark Norris Olympics

olympic ambassador-extraordinary and pleni-potentiary?

I wouldn’t have thought Ed Stelmach would be one to create random patronage positions, but seeing as how the position of Alberta’s Ambassador to the United States is already taken…

It was reported last week that former Tory leadership candidate Mark Norris is being touted as Alberta’s Ambassador-Extraordinary and Pleni-potentiary to the Olympics.

Norris served as the PC MLA for Edmonton McClung and Economic Development Minister from 2001 until 2004. In the 2004 provincial election, Norris was defeated by Alberta Liberal Mo Elsalhy.

Norris placed 6th in the 2006 Alberta Tory leadership race, garnering 6.9% of the vote and endorsed Ed Stelmach during the second round of voting.

“One of Canada’s top experts on the Olympics questioned why Alberta needs a promoter, since enthusiasm for the Winter Games is already high here, and many Albertans are likely to visit the West Coast for the events without the government having to drum up interest.

“I don’t think you have to. I think there’s some motive going unexplained, to create a whole post for that,” said Bob Barney, founding director of International Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Western Ontario.

He said Olympic host cities routinely name ambassadors, but he’s never heard of a position like that in outside jurisdictions.”


Alberta Tories Calgary Elbow By-Election Mark Norris

i love by-elections!

I heard a rumour today that Mark Norris has replaced Peter Elzinga as Executive Director of the Alberta PC party. I wonder if there any truth to this…

Also, what do people think will happen in Calgary Elbow if Ralph Klein’s resigns as MLA? By-Election…

Here are the 1997, 2001, and 2004 results from Calgary Elbow:

2004 (margin 2,020 votes)
x-Ralph Klein, PC – 6,958 (51.5%)
Stephen Brown, Liberal – 4,938 (36.5%)
Allison Roth, Greens – 668 (4.9%)
Diana-Lynn Brooks, Alliance – 488 (3.6%)
Becky Kelley, NDP – 345 (2.6%)
Trevor Grover, SC – 69 (0.5%)
Lloyd Blimke, Ind 51 (0.4%)

2001 (margin 5,680 votes)
x-Ralph Klein, PC – 10,213 (66.8%)
Harold Swanson, Liberal – 4,533 (29.7%)
Mathew Zachariah, NDP – 369 (2.4%)
Monier Rahall, Ind – 166 (1.1%)

1997 (margin 3,042 votes)
x-Ralph Klein, PC – 8,237 (57.90%)
Harold Swanson, Liberal – 5,195 (36.50%)
Lera Shirley, SC – 421 (3.00%)
Shawn Christie, NDP – 307 (2.10%)
Frank Haika, NLP – 75 (0.50%)

2006 Alberta PC Leadership Race Alberta Tories Dave Hancock Ed Stelmach Jim Dinning Mark Norris Ted Morton

selected alberta pc leadership selection results…

Here are the main and selected riding results from yesterday’s Alberta PC leadership selection…

First Ballot
Jim Dinning – 29,470
Ted Morton – 25,614
Ed Stelmach – 14,967
Lyle Oberg- 11,638
Dave Hancock – 7595
Mark Norris – 6789
Victor Doerksen – 873
Gary McPherson – 744

Second Ballot
Ed Stelmach – 51,764
Jim Dinning – 51,282
Ted Morton – 41, 243

Third Ballot
Ed Stelmach – 77, 577
Jim Dinning – 55,509
(Morton to Stelmach – 25,813)
(Morton to Dinning – 4,227)

Here are some interesting selected riding results…

Calgary Elbow (Ralph Klein’s riding)
First Ballot
Jim Dinning – 1,890
Ted Morton – 656
Ed Stelmach – 360

Second Ballot
Jim Dinning – 2,004
Ed Stelmach – 747

Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville (Stelmach’s riding)
First Ballot
Ed Stelmach – 4,156
Ted Morton – 316
Jim Dinning – 170

Second Ballot
Ed Stelmach – 4,382
Jim Dinning – 193

Little Bow
First Ballot
Ted Morton – 1,784
Jim Dinning – 382
Ed Stelmach – 351

Second Ballot
Ed Stelmach – 1,518
Jim Dinning – 515