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naheed nenshi for mayor.

Naheed Neshi has officially become Calgary City Hall’s unofficial watchdog (Scott Hennig sheds a tear).

A group of citizens based in Okotoks want to stop the City of Calgary from having a veto on the regional planning committee. They’ve started a petition and are on twitter @NoCalgaryVeto. The petition is hosted on the website of Jody MacPherson, who is also the Director of Communications for the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine.

– I remain skeptical about Alberta’s new rebranding campaign, but Chris LaBossiere likes it and has backed up his argument in a blog post.

– Mark your calendars, Edmonton Litfest 2009 is being held from October 22 to 25, 2009.

New Ward boundaries have yet to be approved, but two candidates are already preparing their 2010 campaigns for Edmonton City Council. Former Edmonton-Sherwood Park NDP candidate Brian LaBelle is planning to run in the Ward 2 area, and Transit Riders’ Union of Edmonton organizer Brendan Van Alstine is planning a run in the Ward 3 area.

– The anonymous author of the Tiny Perfect Blog seems to thinks that I should be more critical of the Alberta Liberals. I guess from now on, I’ll have to work extra hard to impress the all those anonymous bloggers out there.