Foothills-Rockyview Golf 'n Guns Ted Morton

ted morton gives you an offer you can’t refuse.

Is Sustainable Resource Development Minister Ted Morton going duck hunting, or is he taking up arms to fight deficits in Alberta and Ottawa? Maybe he is he preparing for the battle against Liberal insurgents in Calgary-West? Or perhaps he is taking the cue of another former Wyoming resident…?
Actually, the picture was on a flyer advertising an upcoming “Golf ‘n Gun” fundraiser for the Foothills-Rockyview PC Association (and in all seriousness, this is probably the coolest picture I’ve ever seen of the former University of Calgary academic).
Foothills-Rockyview Ted Morton

no kyoto! no wheat board! no gun registry! no french citizenship!

Just got back from the wonderful City of Lethbridge in southern Alberta!

This was on the side of the road in what I believe to be the Foothills-Rockyview Constituency which is represented by one Fredrick Lee Morton.

I wonder what happens when you call 1-403-265-3669?