Audi Canadian Taxpayers' Federation Fred Dunn

canadian taxpayers’ federation silent on the auditor general’s lack of funding.

Usually not shy to criticize government spending, the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation has remained noticeably silent following the news that Alberta’s Auditor General Fred Dunn has delayed or cancelled 27 of 80 planned financial or systematic audits because of financial constraints.

As an articulate commenter on a previous post wrote, the Office of the Auditor General exists to provide “clear, nonpartisan feedback on the finances of the various functions of government. Their job is to provide what amounts to constructive financial criticism to governments about the way programs, departments and ministries spend money. The better the auditor general, the tighter the financial ship.

The Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation lists dedication to less waste and accountable government as two of its main goals, so it seems to me that if there were one area of spending that the CTF would publicly support, it would be for the people who are in charge of the audits that create less waste and more accountable government.