Calgary-West Donna Kennedy-Glans Rob Anders Thomas Frank

mods and cons in calgary-west.

Does the struggle between supporters of Donna Kennedy-Glans and Rob Anders remind anyone else of the “mods” and “cons” in the Kansas Republican Party from Thomas Frank‘s book What’s the Matter with Kansas?

And does this have anything to do with the homeless problem (h/t CalgaryGrit).

Calgary-West Donna Kennedy-Glans Ezra Levant Rob Anders

one big happy conservative family in calgary-west.

Candidate nomination season has kicked off in Alberta with Ezra Levant taking aim at Donna Kennedy-Glans, accusing her of being a “Liberal saboteur” and promoting “Marxist feminism.” Kennedy-Glans recently announced her intentions to challenge incumbent-MP Rob Anders for the Conservative nomination in Calgary-West.

I’m going to bet that this nomination battle is going to get much nastier before it comes to a vote.