2008 Alberta Provincial Election Calgary-McCall

alberta election 2008: calgary-mccall.

Created in 1971, Calgary-McCall switched from the Social Credit to the Progressive Conservative column of MLAs in 1975 when Tory Andy Little defeated Social Credit MLA George Ho Lem. In more recent times, current Tory MLA Shiraz Shariff was elected in 1995 in a by-election after the death of Tory MLA Harry Sohal. In 1997 and 2001, Shariff was easily re-elected, but in 2004, Shariff faced as strong challenge from Alberta Liberal Darshan Kang. Kang came within 300 votes of defeating Shariff. In 2008, Kang is back for a rematch.

Before becoming an MLA, Shiraz Shariff was a child welfare worker for Alberta Family and Social Services and taught in Mount Royal College ‘s Department of Social Services. Shariff is the Deputy Chair of Committees for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

Darshan Kang is a realtor and has been an active member in the Saddleridge, Castleridge/Falconridge, and Martindale-Tardale Community Associations. Kang was also involved in ROSH, a group which he helped successfully oppose a slaughterhouse to be built in north east Calgary.

Green candidate Heather Brocklesby graduated from the University of Calgary’s faculty of communication and culture with a minor in political science and works as a legal assistant at a downtown Calgary law firm.

The Wildrose Alliance candidate is Ina Given. NDP candidate Preet Sihota is a local realtor.

With 33% of McCall residents having immigrated to Canada, McCall is one of the most ethnically diverse constituencies in Alberta (more than 9% of residents were born in India, more than 4% in the Philippines, and 37% speak a language other than English at home). Between 2004 and 2006, McCall’s population grew by 27.96%, bringing over 6,100 new voters to this constituency. With McCall being a such a close race in 2004, the over 6,100 new McCallians will play a big role in deciding who this constituency’s MLA will be.

Following the 2004 election, both Shariff and Kang leveled charges of improper election and campaign activities against each other. Following the fiasco surrounding the appointment of Tory-connected returning officers in the past few weeks, Naheed Nenshi has told CBC that he was shocked by the behavior of a Calgary Returning Officer and his poll clerks in the 2004 election.

Calgary-McCall 2008 Candidates

Alberta Liberal – Darshan Kang
Green – Heather Brocklesby
NDP – Preet Sihota
PC – Shiraz Shariff
Wildrose Alliance – Ina Given

Calgary-McCall Past-Election Results

x Shiraz Shariff, PC – 3,195
Darshan Kang, Lib – 2,891
Ina Given, AA – 576
Preet Sihota, NDP – 328
Voter Turnout: 33.9%

x Shiraz Shariff, PC – 6,558
John Phillips, Lib – 2,082
Preet Sihota, NDP – 449
Darryl Elvers, AFP – 139
Rory Cory, SC – 121
Voter Turnout: 39%

x Shiraz Shariff, PC – 5,118
Amar Singh, Lib – 2,701
Rory Cory, SC – 876
Voter Turnout: 41.7%

1995 By-Election
Sharaz Shariff, PC – 2,496
Jeet Shergill, Lib – 1,980
Anne McGrath, NDP – 713
Doug Cooper, SC – 470
Peter Hope, COR – 61
Voter Turnout: 28%