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queen meg and a clever political theatre.

Like many political watchers, I have been fascinated by this year’s mid-term elections in the United States. Four years ago during the last mid-term elections, I was enrolled in Professor Greg Anderson‘s American Politics course at the University of Alberta. As the course took place during the mid-term election year, our term project was to follow and write a report on one of the election races and the contest that I covered was the Missouri Senate race. The contest saw Democrat Claire McCaskill unseat Republican Senator Jim Talent in a year that saw a general swing against the Republicans towards the Democrats. In Missouri, McCaskill was given a boost when actor and stem-cell research advocate Michael J. Fox endorsed her campaign (and then was lambasted by conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh – a move which obviously backfired on Mr. Limbaugh).

Four year’s later, it appears that the Republicans have an edge in these mid-term elections. While I have not paid as much attention to the contests as I did four years ago, one race that caught my eye is the California Gubernatorial election. In the race to replace outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,  a clever spoof campaign has emerged in reaction to billionaire Republican candidate Meg Whitman. After spending over $80 million of her own money on her campaign for the Republican nomination, the former eBay CEO turned her attention to the California Nurses Association. After the CNA endorsed Democratic rival Jerry Brown, the Republican candidate launched a campaign to undermine the Union through phone calls and mailers attacking the union’s leadership. What was the union’s responses to Ms. Whitman? “Queen Meg.”

It is pretty clever when you think that at its most basic, all this type of campaign requires is an actor, a videographer, a good sense of humour, and a YouTube account. The campaign has also avoided an expensive design costs by having their URL point to a Facebook Page, rather than a website.

Of course, it is yet to be seen whether the “Queen Meg” campaign will lead to Ms. Whitman’s defeat. The latest CNN poll had Ms. Whitman at 48% to Mr. Brown’s 46% (with a 3.5% margin of error). Regardless of the election results, it has certainly been an entertaining piece of online political theatre.

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"it proves i’m human."

Now, you’d have a hard time finding a person who hasn’t inflated the truth every now and then for the sake of good story telling, but you’d think that any sane person would remember the difference between running through gun fire and walking peacefully across tarmac

Clinton admits Bosnia ‘mistake’

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has said she made a mistake in claiming that she came under sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia in the 1990s.

“It proves I’m human,” she said in Pennsylvania ahead of the key primary election vote there on 22 April.

Her aides earlier admitted she “misspoke” in claiming she and daughter Chelsea “ran with our heads down” when arriving in Bosnia in 1996.

Also, I wasn’t under the impression that there were people who believed that Senator Hillary Clinton wasn’t human. What could they possibly think she is?

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chuck norris approved.

I thought this was fun… thanks to A for the link.

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liberal v. progressive.

Well, it`s a beautiful balmy +31C in the Saguenay today – a nice change from the rain and cloudy weather from the past three weeks.

Though I`ve been mostly cut off from the world outside of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region for the past three weeks, I was able to catch some of the CNN-YouTube debate between the Democratic Presidential candidates yesterday.

It was an interesting debate and I found the unscripted answers in response to the YouTube questions to be quite telling. I particularily found that Senator Hillary Clinton`s response to the `do you consider youself a liberal?` question by declaring that she is a `progressive` was interesting. It just shows how well the Republicans have been able to change the political language in the United States by making the word `liberal` a negative word. I personally like the term `progressive,` but it also has different conotations in different political environments.

But in the end, it`s all sematics. It`s just a name. Parties and politicians should be judged by their actions and policies, not by their brand name.

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what not to let slip.

Though I’m sure every other blogger and their dog will or have posted this already, here is a fun leak in the Rudy Guiliani 2008 Campaign for U.S. President: a 140 page campaign plan dossier

props to anonymotron for the link.

(via the politico)