Alberta Election 2023

Alberta’s next provincial general election will be held on May 29, 2023, unless an election is called earlier.

If you know any candidates who have announced their intentions to stand for party nominations, please comment below or send me an email at I will add them and links to their social media sites to the list.

Here is a list of party candidates who are seeking nominations or have been nominated to run in the next provincial election (updated on December 2, 2022):

Total Nominated candidates

  • New Democratic Party 67/87
  • United Conservative Party: 42/87
  • Green Party: 24/87
  • Alberta Party: 3/87
  • Liberal Party: 1/87

Candidates nominated for 2023 election


  • NDP: Shaun Fluker
  • UCP: Peter Guthrie


  • NDP: Dan Nelles
  • UCP: Angela Pitt


  • Green: Carl Mckay
  • UCP (Nomination meeting on December 9 and 10): Isaac Skuban, Glenn Van Dijken


  • NDP: Sarah Elmeligi
  • UCP: Miranda Rosin

Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul

  • NDP: Caitlyn Blake
  • UCP (Nomination vote on December 10, 11, 12): Scott Cyr, Dave Hanson, Greg Sawchuk

Brooks-Medicine Hat

  • AP: Barry Morishita
  • NDP: Gwendoline Dirk
  • UCP: Danielle Smith


  • NDP: Diana Batten
  • UCP: Tyler Shandro


  • NDP: Amanda Chapman
  • UCP: Josephine Pon


  • NDP: Druh Farrell


  • Green: Heather Morigeau
  • NDP: Joe Ceci


  • NDP: Gurinder Gill
  • UCP: Mickey Amery


  • Green: Jonathan Parks
  • NDP: Janet Eremenko
  • UCP: Nicholas Milliken


  • Green: Jayden Baldonado
  • NDP: Rosman Valencia
  • UCP: Peter Singh


  • Green: Brandy Kinkead
  • NDP: Julia Hayter [Twitter]
  • UCP: Prasad Panda


  • AP: Kerry Cundal
  • NDP: Samir Kayande
  • UCP (Nominations meeting on December 3): Chris Davis, Jon Horsman, Andrea James


  • NDP: Parmeet Singh Boparai

Calgary-Fish Creek

  • NDP: Rebecca Bounsall
  • UCP (Nomination meeting TBA): Dave Guenter


  • NDP: Court Ellingson
  • UCP: Jason Luan


  • Green: Steven Maffioli
  • NDP: Nagwan Al-Guneid
  • UCP: Whitney Issik


  • Green: Evelyn Tanaka
  • NDP: Andrew Stewart
  • UCP : Ric McIver


  • NDP: Marilyn North Peigan
  • UCP: Jeremy Nixon



  • NDP: Irfan Sabir

Calgary-Mountain View

  • NDP: Kathleen Ganley


  • NDP (Nomination meeting on December 17): Rajesh Angral, Hassan Bokhari, Moses Mariam
  • UCP: Muhammad Yaseen

Calgary-North East

  • NDP: Gurinder Brar

Calgary-North West

  • AP: Jennifer Yeremiy
  • NDP: Michael Lisboa-Smith
  • UCP: Sonya Savage


  • Green: Shaun Pulsifer
  • NDP: Denis Ram
  • UCP: Tanya Fir


  • NDP: David Cloutier
  • UCP: Rebecca Schulz

Calgary-South East

  • Green: Catriona Wright
  • NDP: Justin Huseby
  • UCP: Matt Jones


  • NDP: Luanne Metz [Twitter]
  • UCP: Jason Copping


  • NDP: Joan Chand’oiseau
  • UCP: Mike Ellis


  • NDP: Richard Bruneau
  • UCP: Jackie Lovely


  • UCP: Joseph Schow

Central Peace-Notley

  • NDP: Megan Ciurysek
  • UCP: Todd Loewen


  • NDP: Raj Jessel
  • UCP (Nomination meeting on December 17): Chantelle de Jonge

Cypress-Medicine Hat

  • Green: Dustin Cartwright
  • NDP (Nomination date TBA): Tim Gruber, Cathy Hogg
  • UCP (Nomination date TBA): James Finkbeiner

Drayton Valley-Devon

  • UCP (Nomination meeting on December 2 and 3): Andrew Boitchenko, Carol Vowk, Kara Westerlund


  • UCP: Nate Horner


  • Green: Michael Hunter
  • NDP: Peggy Wright
  • UCP (Nomination meeting on December 20): Felix Amenaghawon, Lana Palmer, Luke Suvanto

Edmonton-Castle Downs

  • NDP: Nicole Goehring
  • UCP: Jon Dziadyk

Edmonton-City Centre

  • Green: Zak Abdi
  • NDP: David Shepherd


  • NDP: Sharif Haji
  • UCP: Sayid Ahmed


  • NDP: Rod Loyola


  • NDP: Sarah Hoffman

Edmonton-Gold Bar

  • Green: Ernestina Malheiro
  • NDP: Marlin Schmidt


  • Green: Kristine Kowalchuk
  • NDP: Janis Irwin


  • NDP: Heather Sweet


  • NDP: Lorne Dach


  • NDP: Jasvir Deol
  • UCP (Nomination date TBA): Kanwarjit Singh Sandhu

Edmonton-Mill Woods

  • Green: Chitra Bakshi
  • NDP: Christina Gray
  • UCP (Nomination deadline on November 21):

Edmonton-North West

  • NDP: David Eggen


  • NDP: Lori Sigurdson


  • Green: Jordan Wilkie
  • NDP: Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse


  • NDP: Rhiannon Hoyle
  • UCP (Nomination meeting on December 11): Tunde Obasan, Saad Siddiq, Karen Stix

Edmonton-South West

  • Green: Jeff Cullihall
  • NDP: Nathan Ip
  • UCP: Kaycee Madu


  • Green: Robert Gooding-Townsend
  • NDP (nomination date TBA): Rachel Notley

Edmonton-West Henday

  • Green: Kristina Howard
  • NDP: Brooks Arcand-Paul


  • NDP: Rakhi Pancholi

Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche

Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo

  • UCP (Nominations meeting on December 4): Zulkifl Mujahid, Keith Plowman, Tany Yao, 

Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville

  • UCP: Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk

Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie-Wapiti


  • UCP: R.J. Sigurdson

Innisfail-Sylvan Lake

  • UCP: Devin Dreeshen

Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland

  • NDP: Oneil Carlier


  • Green: Taylor Lower
  • NDP: Dave Dale
  • UCP (Nomination date TBA): Jennifer Johnson, Dustin Marshrall
  • WIP (Nomination date TBA): Chris Scott


  • NDP: Cameron Heenan

Lesser Slave Lake

  • NDP: Danielle Larivee
  • UCP (Nomination date TBA): Martine Carifelle, Scott Seymour


  • NDP: Rob Miyashiro
  • UCP: Nathan Neudorf


  • NDP: Shannon Phillips


  • NDP: Kevin Van Tighem
  • UCP (Nomination date TBA): Roger Reid, Nadine Wellwood, Don Whalen 


  • NDP (Nomination date TBA): Ather Quraishi, Tabatha Wallace
  • UCP (Nomination deadline on November 24): Rick Wilson

Morinville-St. Albert

  • NDP: Karen Shaw
  • UCP: Dale Nally

Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills

  • Green: Daniel Brisbin
  • NDP: Cheryl Hunter Loewen
  • UCP: Nathan Cooper

Peace River

  • IPA (Nomination date TBA): Bob Blayone
  • NDP: Liana Paiva
  • UCP: Dan Williams

Red Deer-North

  • NDP: Jaelene Tweedle
  • UCP: Adriana LaGrange

Red Deer-South

  • NDP: Michelle Baer
  • UCP (Nomination meeting TBA): Adele Poratto, Jason Stephan

Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre

  • UCP: Jason Nixon

Sherwood Park

  • Green: Lucas Bevin
  • Lib: Jacob Stacey
  • NDP: Kyle Kasawski
  • UCP: Jordan Walker

Spruce Grove-Stony Plain

  • NDP: Chantal McKenzie
  • UCP: Searle Turton

St. Albert

  • NDP: Marie Renaud
  • UCP: Angela Wood

Strathcona-Sherwood Park

  • NDP: Bill Tonita
  • UCP: Nate Glubish


  • UCP (Nominations close on November 7):


  • Green: Tegra-Lee Campbell
  • NDP: Dawn Flaata
  • UCP: Garth Rowswell

West Yellowhead

  • NDP (Nomination meeting on December 8, 2022): Fred Kreiner, Lavone Olson
  • UCP: Martin Long

99 replies on “Alberta Election 2023”

The next election could happen on, before or even AFTER May 31, 2019. Fixed election dates are not binding given the abuses of the past.

Stephen Mandel has said he will seek the AB Party nomination in Edmonton-McClung, whether he wins the leadership or not.

“Mandel says even if he loses the leadership race, he will run for the Alberta Party in the 2019 election in his home riding of Edmonton-McClung, which is currently held by NDP backbencher Lorne Dach.”

Sharon Smith will be seeking the UCP nomination in Leduc/Beaumont. She ran in this riding as a Wildrose Candidate last provincial election, finishing second to the NDP candidate

Calgary – Peigan
Spelling correction of (Piegan). Assuming that the word Peigan came from the Peigan Nation which is now known as the Piikani Nation of the Blackfoot confederacy. This would be one of those I before E except after C, or, or, or, or exceptions.

David Dorward is recycling himself as a UCP nominee after being defeated in 2015 by Marlin Schmidt, now a Minister in the Notley government. I hope someone else runs against Dorward as he cannot win with his record.

Well, Dorward got nominated so Alex got that wrong. Remember he had pink hair! What a goon. Marlin Schmidt will be tough to beat and Dorward did such a crap job with Premier Build-my-Penthouse 2011-2015 that Marlin is a shoe-in!

Not to nitpick at all but the error is too gross to let pass. Marlin Schmidt is a “shoo-in”. Dorward might not be a great candidate but when Notley was elected she had about 6 bonafide cabinet ministers so maybe the tide will raise all boats and the Kenney effect will resonate even though individual nomination candidates aren’t that great.

I don’t know how you keep up with this political website.
You have done a great job in compiling this data.

Thank you.


I noticed Edmonton Strathcona is missing from this list. Are there any candidates for this riding yet?

Can anyone explain why the conservatives were wiped out in 2015? Was it a sudden shift in ideology or corruption?

I don’t think it was the ideology, mostly greed, arrogance and the history of corruption. They had no plan and no trust.

Redford was a leftist PCA who would have been more at home with the LIberals. Prentice was more centrist but the well had been poisoned by Redford AND with the Wildrose floor crossers. Then Jim made his look in the mirror retort and called an election a year ahead of schedule trying to take advantage of Wildrose disorganization which resulted in the 3 way vote split that was a benefit to at least 20 NDP that were elected when the conservative vote was evenly fractured. RIP Jim Prentice but you miscalculated.

Vote split between PCA and WRP (27% vs 24%) combined it should have been 51% conservative vote. Where the NDP candidate got more than 30% of the vote in a riding it often beat the two conservative parties. A number of voters voted NDP to teach the governing PCA a lesson. Boy did they ever teach them a lesson. That is why Jason Kenney saw the solution as a re-unified conservative party. Those not happy with some of Jason’s decisions and policies may well vote NDP. Alberta Party or Liberal but it takes roughly 40% of the vote to win a majority. The polls have shown the UCP higher than 40% since 2017 when the parties voted to merge and then elect Jason Kenney as leader.

I’ve heard that a bunch of liberals had infiltrated the PC party and were starting to put legislation forward to take away land owner ship rights etc. (See landowners Council vids on you tube). Some offending bills were #s 19, 24, 36, & 50. “Total communism” or “Soviet Union of 35 years ago”, is what went through my mind when I heard about what they were doing! Stelmach and Redford were some of the offending premiers. Finally Redford’s ‘Sky palace’ being built, hit the news & she was ousted in disgrace. The Wildrose had some inner turmoil, and Prentice (new PC premier ) told Danielle Smith (Wildrose leader) that he wanted to start doing what the wildrosers had been saying so she a a bunch of her fellow Wildrose MLAs decided to cross over to make sure Prentice ‘got it right’. My understanding is that He told everyone in his circle that there was still 2 years before an election had to be called. Then he called the election out of the blue. The constituents of the floor crossers were mad that they hadn’t been consulted and voted in new Wildrose MLAs leaving the former MLAs out of the lej. The voters thought that 10 floor crossers made the Wildrose a suspect party so voted for NDP MLAs. Then everything has gone from bad to way worse. 180,000 jobs lost Unemployment from 4.3 to 7 or 8% (Stats Can figures) alienation of the Ag community & energy sector etc etc

Calgary Varsity UCP candidate is Jason Copping, runners-up John Volponi, Michael Kim, John Huang, Leslie Doell, Grace Lane

I believe the revised count of UCP nominations is 55/86 with 31 to be announced. Someone mentioned that one CA was missing – Innisfail/Sylvan Lake currently held by Devin Dreeshan who won the bye-election after Don MacIntyre and Brian Jean both resigned. Goodridge had to re-win the nomination and won while Dreeshan’s status has not been announced. If he has to face a nomination contest he will sit as an MLA for the first time on Oct. 29th not knowing whether he will be able to run in the spring election. At least Goodridge knows she will be around to run in the election. She won 66% of the vote in the bye-election while Dreeshan crushed Nicole Money with 80% of the vote. It was announced that Mooney was elected to the NDP executive even though she is a pro-life Catholic.

I printed the whole list to count for myself and have a different total for UCP nominated candidates than The list should be 58 UCP nominated with 28 nominations not yet complete. Calgary Cross nomination is November 3rd. Calgary Currie is November 5th, Morinville-St Albert is November 5&6. That would bring the UCP nominations to 61 with 25 yet to go. [5 in Calgary, 8 in Edmonton city, 3 in greater Edmonton, 2 in Lethbridge]. Innisfail-Sylvan Lake is still not on the list of constituencies.

Still missing is the Innisfail-Sylvan Lake CA, UCP nominations are now correct 60 nominated and 26 nominations yet to be held. NDP nominated is correct at 24 with 18 CA nominations yet to be held. There are 44 CAs where the NDP have not listed a nominated candidate or nomination contest.

Seems odd that the NDP have only nominated 33 at this late date so unlikely to be a March drop of the writ?

I’d like to inform you that I’ve withdrawn my nomination for representing the NDP in Calgary Fish Creek. Due to personal circumstances I am unable to commit the time, energy and financial resources needed to run an effective campaign. I will continue to serve on the Constituency Association and I plan to be an active supporter of any future NDP candidate in this riding.
Gurmit Bhachu

Hi Dave, I am wondering if either Steve Drover or Jane Stroud faced any opposition in their nominations in Fort McMurray.

Can we stop pretending like Notley hasn’t been nominated in Edmonton-Strathcona? The party is bringing around her. She’s the candidate whether the party has made it “official” or not.

Sorry, my last comment meant to say branding. The NDP are branding around Rachel Notley. I think it’s safe to say that she is their nominated candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona.

One correction for Livingstone-Macleod. I believe it should read: Alberta Independence Party, Vern Sparkes

Dave, is there any way you could identify the incumbent for each riding (if applicable) on your list?

Are we still able to vote for a particular party in this upcoming election if that party has no representative in our riding?

Carol-lynn Darch is running in Calgary-Beddington for ABP
Craig Peterson is running in Vermillion-Lloydminster-Wainright for ABP

Just spoke to Vera Koziol, the FCP candidate for the Athabasca-Barrhead-Westlock constituency. She has informed me she has dropped out of the race. She is no longer running.

I have a request for the candidate list.
Add an asterisk or some other icon to indicate which candidates are MLAs running for reelection.

Dave, I really think you should archive all those old, stale-dated comments relevant only to past elections. I see some dating back to January 2018 — that’s more than four (4) years ago! And there are “pingback” links dating from 2010.

Awesome news if you live in Calgary-Elbow or know someone who does — we just scheduled our nomination meeting for May 29th (one year to the day from election day)!
If you’re interested in representing the ABP for 2023, feel free to send me a message and I’ll get you in touch with our Candidate Selection Committee!

The list has Nathan Neudorf nominated for Lethbridge-West. I haven’t heard anything about UCP nominations in either L-West or L-East, but Neudorf is the sitting MLA for Lethbridge-East. Totally possible I’ve missed something though…

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