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edmonton election 2010: campaigning on video.

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Loved the Don Iveson video, just amazing.

Didn’t care for Scott McKeen’s ideas. The imagery suggests he wants to reduce or eliminate adult entertainment stores? In this video he comes off as Edmonton’s answer to Christine O’Donnell, campaigning against the “evils” of sex shops.

It’s one thing to elect a positive lefty like Iveson who gets things like LRT built. It’s quite another to elect a left-wing moralist like McKeen who seems intent on abusing the power of City Council to drive existing business into the ground.

Newsflash, every city everywhere has its shady areas. Spending a ton of cash to lift up 118th Ave just ensures that some other part of town will fall accordingly, as the bad elements move over there.

So yeah, thumbs up Iveson, thumbs down McKeen.

As an external observer, have only two comments. Firstly, Mr. Dorward seems to have gone to the Ed Stelmach school of public speaking; his halting, awkward speaking style contrasts sharply with most of the Councillor candidates in this blog post. Even here in Grande Prairie the three most prominent mayoralty candidates are smoother and more effective speakers than Mr. Dorward seems to be, at least based on this video.

Secondly, Mr. McKeen has a valid point about “predatory retailers” (a term that in the past I have only seen applied to big-box retailers like Wal-Mart in describing their impact on locally-owned small businesses). However, municipal governments may face a number of hurdles in any attempts to further regulate or limit these sorts of businesses, based on legal limits to their legislative and regulatory authority. This issue has been discussed at Grande Prairie city council on a number of occasions, as it applies to the number of liquor stores in the city as well as issues like adult entertainment establishments, and the consensus reached at our city council has always been that it is not the role of local government to legislate morality; that as long as the zoning in the area allows that type of business (i.e. distance from schools, etc.), that’s as far as the city should go.

Dorward struck me as a dullard who didn’t really understand what he was talking about–just saying as he was told. Krushell’s and McKeen’s videos just didn’t do it for me either. They felt too disingenuous and too much like typical politicking.

Lego Don Iveson was hilarious though! =D

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