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calgary election 2010: i would vote for naheed nenshi for mayor.

As a city, Calgary has many endearing qualities. Good people, a good music scene, and some great restaurants among many things. As an Edmontonian, some kind of genetically ingrained instinct should be telling me that I should never want to be a Calgarian, but for next week I wish it would be. If I were a Calgarian, I would be voting for Naheed Nenshi for Mayor on October 18, 2010.

Purple Revolution Music Video from Chris Hsiung on Vimeo.

You are lucky, Calgary. Go for it.

6 replies on “calgary election 2010: i would vote for naheed nenshi for mayor.”

You criticize Danielle Smith for talking about the Edmonton city centre airport because she’s not a resident of our city. Fine.

But it’s somehow okay for you to enter the Calgary mayor’s race, when you don’t live there?


Last time I checked, Dave wasn’t the leader of a provincial political party. Suggesting a casual blogger has to obey the same level of political decorum as a party leader is more than a bit silly Wayne.

Dave, I am in total agreement and think we are very fortunate here in Calgary to be able to vote for Naheed as our mayor (I have already voted for him.

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