Donald Ethell Norman Kwong

col. donald ethell is alberta’s new lieutenant governor.

Lieutenant Governor Norman Kwong‘s replacement is expected to be announced this afternoon in Ottawa:

“CALGARY – Decorated Canadian peacekeeper Col. Donald Ethell will be named Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor this afternoon.

The veteran of 14 international peacekeeping missions, including Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel and the Balkans, was leader of Canadian peacekeeping operations from 1987 until 1990. He also served as deputy force commander of multinational forces during the 1990 Persian Gulf War and went on to his final assignment in Yugoslavia before retiring in July 1993.

Col. Ethell was also deployed by the United Nations to provide reconnaissance for the Arias Peace Plan covering five Central America countries. His operational plan for the UN Force in Central America was tabled in the House of Commons.

He’s now familiar to Canadians as a defence analyst on the CBC and other media. Col. Ethell will meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his Ottawa office where his appointment will be formally announced later today. 

Here is a July 2008 video interview of Col. Ethell used in the promotion of National Peacekeepers Day (h/t Joey Oberhoffner):


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The end of his term as Lieutenant-Governor frees Normie Kwong to become Governor-General of Canada. And if he gets promoted from that, he'll be King Kwong.

At least Mr. Ethell as far as i can tell wasn't a failed PC Candidate unlike Kwong.

Another Calgarian? Not a huge issue but I thought the unofficial rule was they alternated this post around the province.

"Another Calgarian?"

What is Edmonton going to do if Calgary continues to grow faster and ultimately leave us in the dust? Are we still going to demand equal representation, equal health care funding, alternating LGs? No matter how ridiculous the argument begins to get?

I propose we retain the office of Left-Tenant Governor for the sake of history and tradition but with a small adjustment. Rather than appointing costly baffled old people to the position, we instead appoint famously dead Albertans.

For one, the Alberta public will barely notice a difference between a living or dead LG so it should be an easy transition to achieve and secondly, we will be able to save a small fortune. Finally, we will be able to right past wrongs by appointing dead people who at the time were unable to achieve their appointment by reason of their sex, class or point in time when they lived by no fault of their own.

This should be well received by the Progressive class and I offer it as official party policy for Reboot Alberta.

When is Lethbridge in line?


I see.

It looks like they are saving the Lethbridge appointment for the Governor General position.

Well.. I'd best dust off my tux..

Magna Carta Thumper – I love your suggestion so much that I wish I could take it out back of the middle school and impregnate it.

Spot on. How can we progress forward until we re-write the wrongs of the past? And we should. Lord knows that human intelligence before the Inter-nets was sub-par at best.

I will take that as a complement, Buff. (bats eyebrows coyly over shoulder). Unfortunately, I'm saving myself for Hammarabi's Stele.


Magna (Maggie) Carta

Historical Revisionism is always a good choice in rewriting the wrongs of the past.

A falsification of records here, an edit of a text book there, burning the original documents, denouncing old people who might remember as being senile and voila!

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