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alberta politics notes 3/29/2010

Don Braid has all the latest news on the Highwood PC revolt, including the letter sent by Constituency officials to PC Party President Bill Smith.
– Sometime campaign manager Don Lovett is reporting insider rumours about heightened tension between Liberal Party leader David Swann and his party executive committee. As reported in the Alberta Political Notes 3/09/2010, the tension is nothing new and may create some interesting confrontation at the upcoming Liberal Convention in May 2010.
– According to How’d they Vote, since the beginning of the current session of Parliament on March 3, Alberta MPs Ted Menzies, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Linda Duncan, Mike Lake, and Rob Merrifield are the Alberta MPs who have spoken the most on the floor of the House of Commons. Alberta MPs Brian Storseth, Peter Goldring, and Rob Anders have not spoken a word since the beginning of the current Session.
Calgary-West MP Rob Anders is the latest Conservative Party convert to the Wildrose Alliance (not to be confused with Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson).
– Via Trish Audette, a new politics magazine has launched in Canada. The first issue features an interview with Danielle Smith and includes a photograph taken by yours truly, which the editors failed to credit under the Creative Commons licensing (#FAIL).

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Wow $345.00 for a regular member to attend the Liberal convention? Juxtapose that with $150.00 to attend the Wildrose Alliance convention in June.

Mr. Cooking,

Youth rates have been subsidized quite heavily. In fact, the first 25 are to have their fees cut to $125. In addition to this a member of the ALP has donated 24 rooms so that people can save on those costs.

The Wildrose do not provide these benefits and avenues of support to their members.

LibVin that's Socialism for you, they provide all these great benefits for some people at the cost of $345.00 for your regular members.

I think you should go ahead and send a friendly "cease & desist" letter to the good folks at Politics Magazine. They're a commercial organization charging a pretty penny for advertising; this sort of stuff don't fly in the grown-up world, where they purport to operate.

I doubt Dave is about to employ the same kind of tactics that Ed Stelmach used against him. All that is required if for Dave himself to contact these folks and ask that proper credit be given. Getting lawyers involved without first attempting resolution oneself is a pretty awful way to approach life.

Rob Anders has been Wildrose for a long time. Shows you how ideological and extreme that party is, even worse than the Tories.

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