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peter, goldring “re” “hangs” louis, riel.

With commas as renegade as his description of Louis Riel, it is no wonder that Edmonton-East MP Peter Goldring missed the incredible syntax and grammatical errors in this December 2009 constituency mail-out.

Peter Goldring’s Louis Riel pamphlet

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I was in a political science course with Tom Flanagan at U of C about a decade ago, I can't even remember which one, and he spent a huge amount of time basically telling us all the thing he doesn't like about Louis Riel. It had nothing to do with the course and I didn't really get why he was all worked up about it.

What is it with these conservative guys and their passionate hate for Louis Riel? It this a proxy fight for something else? Anyone more familiar with the battle over the memory of Louis Riel care to elaborate?

If you ever want to get a good laugh out of a Poli Sci prof in the province of Alberta, just mention the famous "Calgary School" as if it was a) one solid entity b) possessing more power than any other Poli Sci department in the country.

Total myth.

I thought these "Conservatives" would love Riel, especially the Reformers. They were fighting against the domination of a centralized government.

After reviewing your article, the history of Louis Riel, and the article CBC posted on their website, I feel you are being cast in an unfair light.

I would agree that the history of Louis Riel must include both the benefitian results and the terrible cost associated with his actions. If history is always viewed through rose coloured glasses some of the most important lessons are lost.

Why am I not surprised that this is coming from someone from the same caucus as another MP who opposed Nelson Mandela receiving honorary Canadian citizenship because he was a "communist and a terrorist."

Everything that comes out of the mouth of a member of the Conservative caucus that has to do with an individual who stood up for the rights of the oppressed majority needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

This is much the same as going to a football match in Glasgow and singing nasty songs about Bobby Sands wanting a cheeseburger. If you're already on the Rangers side of the wire it whips up the fans, and Celtic continues to hate you. Big deal.

Looks like I'm going to have to read his propaganda a little closer next time. 🙂 I probably still have it kicking around the house, or did that go to recycling? Not sure.

I'm sure the PMO will be reviewing all his mailouts now.

They must be reviewing his entire website tonight. Trying to look at it and nothing will load.

History is written by the victors. That doesn't mean it is "true". I don't know enough about Louis Riel and the Rebellion to make that determination, but I do value truth; to cast "revisionism" as a necessarily bad thing seems to indicate an unwillingness to search for truth. How can THAT be a good thing?

The Riel Rebellion was one of those last great battles between the French and the English in Canada. The consequence? The French speakers were buried under an avalanche of immigrants who were forcibly forced to speak English while the Quebec population was emptied in a diaspora towards the New England states. No view of Riel is complete unless it includes the Quebec analysis of what happened.

There are many viewpoints to consider; the First Nations, only a few of whom got dragged into the mess for which all of them suffered later; the Regina jury which found Riel guilty of treason but recommended clemency; the divergent arguments of Ontario and Quebec; the settlers who feared it was the start of the kind of vicious Indian war that had happened in many parts of the US.

Peter Goldring is useless, and most Conservatives know it. I can't help but think the only reason he is still around is because the Conservative Party insiders have sold out the last of their old grassroots Reform policies and done everything in their power to protect sitting MPs from nomination battles. Too bad the Liberals and the Dippers can't field strong candidates against Goldring. Pointless, petty historical battles and wasted taxpayer money? Time to retire, Peter.

And once again, everyone misses the point.

Dave, I swear to god, if you posted the Monty Python "argument" sketch on your site, people would start debating whether being disagreeable is the same thing as arguing.

Where is the sense of humour, people? Stop taking yourselves so seriously.

"Most" profs laugh at the Calgary School because "most" profs are rabid left-wingers and are offended that a few of their peers dare to have differing viewpoints.

As to Goldring and Riel, who really cares? Goldring is hardly a star in or outside of the Conservative Party and Riel, like most controversial figures, can be argued about either way.

Lou Arab Riel, murdered a Canadian government diplomat in cold blood, was the John A. supposed to twiddle his thumbs and just accept it?

Lou Arab Riel, murdered a Canadian government diplomat in cold blood, was the John A. supposed to twiddle his thumbs and just accept it?

I'd say that waiting until the second time a guy leads an armed rebellion against the government to hang him is pretty generous.

People should do their research on Riel before commenting.

Fact: Louis Riel was an American Citizen. (which makes it hilarious how he was voted #11 on the Top 100 Canadians)

Fact: Louis Riel was quoted as saying he wanted to drench the western plains in Canadian blood. (again, hilarious how he was voted to be a top canadian)

Fact: Louis Riel was a murderer.

Do some research people. Figure things out for yourself.

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