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happy valentine’s day, love ted.

Alberta’s new Finance Minister Ted Morton was so twitterpated by the popular response from his PC colleagues towards his first provincial budget this week, that immediately after his budget speech I am told that he penned a short love poem. The following is a romantical reinterpretation of Minister Morton’s poem:

Budget Love

Your skin glows like the Budget, blossoms Budget as the Budget in the purest hope of spring.
My heart follows your Budget voice and leaps like a Budget at the whisper of your name.
The evening floats in on a great Budget wing.
I am comforted by your Budget that I carry into the twilight of Budgetbeams and hold next to my Budget.
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of Budget.
As my Budget falls from my Budget, it reminds me of your Budget.
In the quiet, I listen for the last Budget of the day.
My heated Budget leaps to my Budget. I wait in the moonlight for your secret Budget so that we may Budget as one, Budget to Budget, in search of the magnificient Budget and mystical Budget of love.

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And to think that there was a time – not so far in the past – when it appeared you actually expected people to take you seriously.

Thanks for the comment, Anonymous. Not too seriously, of course. Hope you had a great family day long weekend!


– Dave

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