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alberta politics notes 2/16/2010

– As Anarchist Day Camp showed up in Vancouver, opponents of the Winter Olympic Games have claimed victory against Alberta’s tarsands by forcing Premier Ed Stelmach to postpone his opening speech at the Alberta Pavillion.
– Energy Minister Ron Liepert wants your children to learn more about Alberta’s energy beach.
Ken Chapman has some words for Quebec Premier Jean Charest on the oilsands.
Can Alberta redesign its economy?, asks Todd Hirsch, senior economist with the ATB Financial.
– Speaking of redesign, the Left needs to define itself beyond the bottom line, according to Parkland Institute Executive Director Ricardo Acuna.
– Missed by most media outlets, Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith hired a new Executive Assistant. Shannon Stubbs, former Progressive Conservative Party VP Outreach and 2004 candidate in Edmonton-Strathcona, joined Smith’s staff two weeks ago.
– The Liberals took exception to CBCs The House ignoring them in their Alberta-focused show on February 6. They have since posted an interview with David Swann on their website.
Calgary-Buffalo MLA Kent Hehr wants to know what exactly Justice Minister Alison Redford‘s new role as “political minister for Calgary” means for Albertans.

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There is a political minister in Calgary and political minister in Edmonton but no such person for the rest of Alberta. The Lethbridge area doesn't even have a regular Minister.

Dave, what did you think of The House interview with Peter Lougheed? He talks a great deal about how he won in '71 and how he would win today. He says Albertans are generally in the centre. Do you agree? Does Renew agree? If so, how do you show that and sell it?

I don't understand why it's so difficult for the Minister to explain what her job is. The only descriptions she seems to be able to come up with is one that should apply to all MLAs and all Ministers.
She acts like the critic is asking a ridiculous question, but he is not. Asking what the minister's job is is a completely reasonable one, but it seems to me that she doesn't know what her job actually is. That's what I find completely unreasonable.

That's wicked that all it takes to shut-down the tar sands is to delay Stelmach's speech by a bit. Man, why didn't Hudema think of this? We could have had this all wrapped up ages ago!

I don't think Shannon Stubbs was missed, so much as she was ignored by most media outlets. The WAP did a media release and everything. Poor Shannon must have been crushed…

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