alberta’s political moment of the decade.

With the end of the first decade of the 21st century fast approaching, now is the perfect time to reflect on the past ten years in the politics of our province.

What I would like from you are nominees for the top Albertan political moment of the decade. I will leave the category fairly broad, but similar to Calgary Grit’s top Canadian political moment of the decade contest, the point is to find a good balance between what was exciting at the time and what would make it into a Alberta Social Studies textbooks 30 years from now (when the next change in government is due to happen).

You will have a few weeks to suggest nominees in the comments section or via e-mail before I put it to a vote. Nominees could include:
– Elections and by-elections (federal, provincial, and municipal)
– Important policies (i.e. royalty review, Bill 44, no debt, LRT expansion)
– Scandals and missteps (Ralph Air, Lyle Oberg being kicked out of the PC caucus, Ward 10 scandal)
– Moments that made Albertans pay attention (ie: Ralph Klein‘s late night visit to the Men’s shelter, Ed Stelmach defeating Jim Dinning)

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