Edmonton Folk Festival Laurie Hawn

who will stand up for edmonton?

In June 2009, the private Royal Glenora Club (located in Edmonton-Centre), received $1,000,000 in Federal stimulus funds, which Edmonton-Centre MP Laurie ‘Red Dawn’ Hawn claimed “will ensure that this 50-year-old facility can continue to thrive….

A cornerstone of the festival circuit, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival was recently denied Federal funding through the same grant that gave over $350,000 and over $250,000 to folk festivals in Calgary and Winnipeg.

It was reported by the Edmonton Journal that Hawn ‘deliberately didn’t lobby for Edmonton festivals.’

As a constituent in Edmonton-Centre, I would like my reprentatives to stand up for and lobby for Edmonton festivals.

UPDATE: Liberal candidate Mary MacDonald has responded to Hawn.

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