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stelmach boots boutilier.

Premier Ed Stelmach booted Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo MLA and former Cabinet Minister Guy Boutilier out of the PC caucus today, over the phone

Fort McMurray MLA Guy Boutilier is “shocked and disappointed” after being kicked out of the Tory caucus by Premier Ed Stelmach late Friday during a phone conversation. …

“He (Stelmach) said ‘you’re out, you’re not welcome at caucus on Tuesday.’ I asked to meet caucus but he refused.

“I always thought you got to face your accuser, but the premier categorically refused to meet me or let me meet the members of caucus I’ve served with for 12 years.”

Boutilier recently accused Health Minister Ron Liepert of “talking gibberish” on the poor state of seniors care in Fort McMurray. He recently endeared himself to Stelmach by criticizing him for not wanting a cabinet minister “who graduated from Harvard with Barack Obama.”

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