Alberta deficit Ed Stelmach

read my lips.

Ed Stelmach (February 23, 2008): “A Progressive Conservative government will never put Alberta back into a deficit position.”

April 7, 2009: Alberta to post $4.7B deficit

Ed Stelmach (July 7, 2009): “As long as I’m premier of this province, there will be no tax increases.”

I’m just saying…

(h/t to CalgaryGrit for reminding me of the February 2009 quote)

UPDATE: Premier Stelmach has revealed his true motivation behind his decree and the rescinding of the Liquor Tax that his Government imposed in the April 2009 Budget:

‘So just to close: cold beer, hot day, during very difficult economic times.’

(h/t the Chief of Staff to the President of Daveberta)

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