Danielle Smith Ed Stelmach

we’re number 92!*

*The Fraser Institute has released a survey showing that many petroleum industry executives see Manitoba as a better place to invest than Alberta (the horror!). The survey ranks Alberta as 92nd, placing the landlocked western Canadian province of 3 million people “behind China, the Philippines, and Brazil as an attractive place to invest in upstream oil and gas development.”

The results of the survey are a bit misleading as they list investment jurisdictions in North America by individual province and state, while all other jurisdictions are listed by country. While the survey results are likely reflective of the oil industry’s well-known dislike of Premier Ed Stelmach‘s changes to Alberta’s resource royalty framework, the report may have shown different results had it also included actual financial investment numbers.

The survey has given Wild Rose Alliance leadership contender Danielle Smith a lot of 140-character content to work with this week.

(h/t Brian Dell)

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