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the majority disapproves.

A new poll released by Leger Marketing shows that none of Alberta’s three main political party leaders have been able to achieve majority approval ratings:

Conservative Premier Ed Stelmach’s performance: – Disapprove: 40 per cent – Approve: 41 per cent – Don’t know: 19 per cent

Opinion of Stelmach since last year – Worsened: 43 per cent – Stayed the same: 40 per cent – Improved: Five per cent

Liberal Leader David Swann’s performance: – Disapprove: 29 per cent – Approve: 22 per cent – Don’t know: 49 per cent

NDP Leader Brian Mason’s performance: – Disapprove: 34 per cent – Approve: 22 per cent – Don’t know: 44 per cent

The poll places Stelmach in a commanding lead of both David Swann and Brian Mason, but his high disapproval ratings shouldn’t give PC supporters any reason to brag. While it appears that the Liberal or NDP leader haven’t been able to gain traction in public support (which isn’t a shock), I was most surprised at Stelmach’s regional ratings. The poll showed approval for the Premier at 34% in Calgary, at 41% in smaller communities (down from 52% in 2008), and remaining lukewarm at 48% in Edmonton.

UPDATE: Here is the PDF with a regional breakdown and fancy charts.

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