Bill 44: Human Rights Citizenship and Multiculturalism Amendment Act

bill 44 goes to third reading tomorrow.

After a wonderful weekend ‘stay-cation‘ in Banff, I was surprised to see the Students Against Bill 44 Facebook group that I linked to (and tweeted about) on Friday has exploded from 140 members to over 1,200 in 3 days. Bill 44 is scheduled for third reading in the Legislature tomorrow evening.

The organizers of ‘Students Against Bill 44‘ have asked Albertans opposed to Bill 44 to email letters voicing their opposition to be tabled in Legislature tomorrow before the vote. Edmonton-Centre MLA Laurie Blakeman ( ) has volunteered to table the letters in the Assembly. Here is a copy of the form letter posted on the facebook group:

Dear Ms. Laurie Blakeman:

As students in a multicultural society, we have learnt to tolerate and embrace different identities, and as a result have expanded our overall cultural horizons. This bill will hinder our learning about diversified groups in our country; thus, attempting to restrict the adults of tomorrow by cutting us off from the issues of today. We cannot let the government take away our emerging global perspectives and ideas about our world. If the Alberta Government is so concerned about human rights, they should not be facilitating hatred and bigotry by censoring the Alberta curriculum. Students have rights too. We have the right to learn in an open-minded, compassionate and tolerant environment. Not one that allows for intolerance and ignorance. Bill 44 has the power to deplete student’s rights to learn and their ability to become well suited to meet the adversities and diversities that occur in everyday life.

In conclusion, I request that this letter be tabled, in order to preserve my thoughts about this bill.

In order for your letters to be tabled before the final vote on Bill 44, they will need to be emailed before 12 noon tomorrow. You should also cc your MLA (find your MLA here).

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