Auditor General

getting what you pay for.

Elections Alberta (during 2008 election campaign)… $9.4 million

Office of the Auditor General… $21.5 million
Re-branding Alberta (“Freedom to Create. Spirit to Achieve”)… $25 million

UPDATE: In retrospect, perhaps this post would be better summed up as:

The $25 million public relations campaign is an exercise in spin. I am proud to be Albertan, but I wish our elected officials would not have to rely on high-priced public relations consultants as a crutch to manage Alberta’s identity. I wish for an Alberta where our elected officials had the courage to lead by and defend Alberta’s national and international reputation through the strength of their actions. Alberta is an incredible province, with some incredible people, but the institutional mediocrity that has crept into our democratic culture has stymied our limitless potential. Alberta in 2009 is a great place to live, but it has the potential to be so much better.

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