rahim jaffer’s pot attack ad falls flat on flip-flop.

January 2000: Reform Party MP Rahim Jaffer fought for the decriminalization of marijuana at that year’s Reform Party conference:

…MPs such as Keith Martin or Rahim Jaffer say it makes sense to decriminalize the drug, a move that would free up countless hours of expensive police and court time. They plan to rally support for the motion.

October 2008: After 11 years in Ottawa and in a tight race for re-election, Rahim Jaffer‘s campaign launches a series of negative attacks ads against the NDP, accusing them of supporting the legalization of marijuana:

“Jack Layton and the Ottawa NDP have publicly supported the legalization of marijuana. In fact when asked about marijuana Jack Layton called it a wonderful substance which Canadians should be free to smoke at home or in a cafe.

Edmontonians understand how difficult it is to make sure our children make the right choices especially on serious issues like drug use. The Conservative Party supports drug free schools and getting tough with drug dealers who sell illegal drugs to children.

Don’t let our schools go up in smoke… on October 14th vote Conservative. Authorized by the official agent for Rahim Jaffer.”

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