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blogging blackout until the end of the week. that’s a full lid. thank you very much.

In order to catch up with life, school, and work, I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from blogging this week. Here are some links to satisfy your fetishes:
Litfest 2008 was excellent. I hope to post more on this later.
– When 33% of Newfoundlanders vote Conservative and 25% of Saskatchewan voters cast a ballot for the NDP, but neither of these groups are represented in the House of Commons, it’s pretty clear that something isn’t working. Political hacks can have rhetoric-filled debates for or against electoral reform until they’re red in the face, but the reality is that Canadians’ votes aren’t being reflected in the results and citizens are opting out of the system in droves. The status-quo isn’t working.
Stephane Dion is moving on, but the Liberal Party of Canada will need a lot more than a new leader to become a national party again.

Alberta’s Oil Sands will pollute Great Lakes, report warns. As if Ontario, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin, and Ohio need our help polluting the Great Lakes… (h/t Solve Climate)
– The bizarre story of how Edmonton Oilers organization doesn’t tolerate bloggers in their press box. More here and here.
Latte-sipping Conservatives? (h/t AGRDT)
– You can be forgiven if you didn’t notice that the Fall session of the Alberta Legislature is underway, most of the important decisions get made in closed door cabinet meetings anyway…

And for anyone who’s ever been part of a leader’s tour…

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