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auditor general needs resources to investigate highwood communications.

Alberta’s Auditor General is considering an investigation into the highly PC-connected ad firm Highwood Communications. After leaving $5.3 million in unpaid bills, Highwood applied for bankruptcy protection after receiving $41.3 million in exclusive government contracts over the past 10 years.

Auditor General Fred Dunn would like to conduct an audit of the company, but is waiting on sufficient resources.

“We’re considering how and when we could conduct a systems audit,” said Lori Trudgeon, a spokeswoman for Dunn’s office.

Ed Stelmach has refused to ask the Auditor General to investigate and has said he believes that taxpayers got “their moneys worth” from Highwood, even though many unanswered questions still remain about what happened with taxpayers money and why the bills went unpaid.

Giving the Auditor General the resources to investigate what happened to the millions of taxpayers’ dollars entrusted to Highwood Communications through their exclusive government contracts is a plain and simple issue of giving Albertans the accountability, transparency, and integrity they deserve in their government. The integrity that Ed Stelmach promised Albertans.

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