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suiting up for spring session #2: the valentine report.

Just in time for the Spring Session of the Alberta Legislature to start, former Auditor General Peter Valentine’s long-time coming report, “Building Confidence: Improving Accountability and Transparency in Alberta’s Royalty System,” on the accountability of Alberta’s oil and gas royalty review collection system has been released and the reaction seems to be a bit scattered…

Disappointing Valentine royalty report makes things murkier than ever (Paul Simons, Edmonton Journal)

New report looks like a whitewash (Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journal)

No “super-ministry” needed to handle royalties (CBC)

Valentine’s massacre more like a pillow fight (Don Braid, Calgary Herald)

I Read Dunn and Valentine and I Still Don’t Know If Albertans Are Getting Their Fair Share of Royalties (Ken Chapman)

Gov’t says it may have gotten it wrong (Edmonton Sun)

A Billion Questions (Jeff Cummings, Metro)

Royalty Regime up in the air (Neil Waugh, Edmonton Sun)

Public Confidence Continues to Erode in Department of Energy (Alberta Liberals)

Valentine Report New Spin on Bad News (Alberta NDP)

Expect this to be a hot topic when Spring Session begins…

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