2008 Alberta Provincial Election YouTube

2008: alberta election odyssey.

Here’s a look at some of the best 2008 Alberta election related YouTube videos from this week…

The Alberta Liberals have released a fantastic video of Leader Kevin Taft talking about Alberta’s future.

Edmonton-Strathcona Alberta Liberal candidate Tim Vant has come out with this video. Tim is the owner of Fiore’s Italian Cantina in the Garneau-area of Edmonton-Strathcona. The video includes an endorsement from Kim Franklin, owner of the High Level Diner.

Calgary-North Hill Alberta Liberal candidate Pat Murray has released an, err… interesting video… points for creativity, Pat…

The spotlight is put on Lacombe-Ponoka Tory MLA Ray Prins in a video from Alberta Green candidate Joe Anglin.

Red Deer-North ND candidate Shawn Nielson has a created a video of what can only be described as ‘epic’…

Here’s number 1 of 3 online get out the vote videos…

Click here to check out more YouTube videos.

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