Ed Stelmach governing myself accordingly governing myself accordingly. day 2.

First, I’d like to thank everyone who has commented, left phone messages, or sent emails of support (or disapproval for that matter). I’ve been trying to govern myself accordingly, but this story has been keeping me pretty busy since yesterday. I have classes this afternoon and evening, so I will try to start responding to emails after that.

I’d also like to thank Rob Breakenridge, Dave Rutherford, Ron Wilson, Jim Brown, and CityTV Edmonton’s Breakfast Television for having me on their shows to talk live about the this issue.

Second, I have yet to hear from Premier Ed Stelmach or the lawyers representing him. The threat letter from Premier Stelmach‘s lawyer was the first time I was contacted and I haven’t heard anything since their imposed deadline passed.

Third, here are some interesting links to bloggers and reporters covering this story:

“I don’t know where Ed Stelmach’s personality is but I didn’t take it” (Calgary Grit)
Stelmach threatens to sue blogger (Edmonton Journal & National Post)
Alberta Premier threatens to sue over domain name (CBC)
Lawyers for Premier threaten to sue blogger who owns (Canadian Press)
Stelmach threatens to sue over web address (Front page of Calgary Herald)
Lawfirm says blogger stole Stelmach’s personality (Edmonton Sun)
Alberta Premier to blogger (Globe & Mail)
Alberta have a lot of lawyers or something? (Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy)
Premier of Alberta sues Alberta blogger (Grandinite)
A cybe-bully? (Jafo’s Journal)
The Electronic Battleground (Ken Schmidt)
“Lame and Childish” (Thought…interrupted by typos tort of misappropriation of personality? (Cameron Hutchison on the U of A Law Blog)

Also, I was understandably surprised to find some support in what I thought would have been an unlikely place:

Ed Stelmach vs (Ezra Levant at the Western Standard Shotgun blog)

Fourth, I plan to return to regularity scheduled blogging soon. As you can imagine, I have a lot to say about this.

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