Calgary-Egmont Craig Chandler

live from the edmontonians for craig chandler party!

It’s 9:01 pm on Saturday November 17 and I’m blogging live from the rockin’ “Edmontonians for Craig Chandler” party in Edmonton.

It’s a raucous night as Craig Chandler supporters from across northern Alberta have gathered for a night of Ayn Rand-flavoured debauchery and debate! The Ezra Levant Go-Go Girls are here in force and are handing out left-over copies of the Western Standard.

The pasty-skinned young Chandleristas in the room are chanting “adapt or leave! adapt or leave!” to the cheers of the crowd!

It’s rockin’ and everyone in the room is anxiously awaiting the news of Craig Chandler’s landslide victory in the Calgary-Egmont Progressive Conservative nomination!

9:14 pm – It looks like Craig Chandler’s vision for Alberta and its voters has spawned support across Canada! Afar in the blogosphere, it looks like Derek is the new President of the newly-formed “Torontonians for Craig Chandler” chapter. I’ve heard that the TFCC is already planning a Craig Chandler victory parade on Church and Wellesley tomorrow morning!

9:24 pm – The crowd is on tenterhooks as Craig Chandler supporters gather around the radio waiting to hear if the next PC candidate for Calgary-Egmont has finally been nominated. If anyone has heard how it went today in Egmont, the frighteningly large (and slightly threatening) crowd of Chandleristas would really like to know!

9:32 pm – I’m wondering how rockin’ the Jonathan Denis and Rick Smith Edmonton parties are. Not as frighteningly rockin’ as this one me thinks…

9:49 pm – Still no results. This is starting to get boring…

9:55 pm – Good lord, they’ve replaced the Pat Robertson techno-remixes with old podcasts from Chandler’s Freedom Radio network

10:06 pm – Still, no results… I wonder how the Calgarians for Craig Chandler party is going?

10:21 pm – The young Chandleristas are starting to get restless. It’s past their bed time and want to hear results. I wonder when Paul Wells and Warren Kinsella are going to wade in with their coverage of the night? (Even The Shotgun is silent tonight…)

10:22 pm – I’ve just been informed through a media source in Calgary that Craig Chandler has been nominated as the Progressive Conservative candidate in Calgary-Egmont!

Copies of the Western Standard are being thrown in the air with glee by the young Chandleristas! I am frightened!

No news on the vote breakdown, but Craig Chandler has been nominated to carry Ed Stelmach’s Progressive Conservative flag in Calgary-Egmont against Alberta Liberal candidate and former Calgary Catholic School District Chair Cathie Williams.

(commissioned art work by the artist formerly known as Holtopia)

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