2007 Edmonton Municipal Election Don Iveson

kerry diotte’s close encounters of the left-kind and other conspiracy theories.

In trying to justify Don Iveson‘s stunning defeat of Mike Nickel in Ward 5 in the Monday, October 15, 2007 municipal elections, Edmonton Sun columnist Kerry Diotte has a new theory.

Instead of giving the much deserved credit to 16,848 Ward 5 voters who cast their ballots for Don Iveson, a strong candidate with a solid platform and very well-organized and dedicated volunteer campaign team, Diotte has declared that Mike Nickel was “short-changed by a vast left-wing conspiracy that was really behind his defeat.

It’s pretty clear that Diotte is short-changing the voters of Ward 5 with his Drudge-style internet conspiracy theories.

And after listening to Nickel’s only election night media comment before kicking the media out of his campaign office, it’s not hard to believe that he rubbed Ward 5 voters in the wrong way:

“At the end of the day, I’m going to go make some money, which I should’ve been doing for three years anyway.”

If there’s a support group for people like Diotte, I suggest he look for one, and invite Mike Nickel too.

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