2007 Edmonton Municipal Election Don Iveson

edmonton election 2007: ward 5 showdown/live at the underdog/election results party.

I’m live from the Don Iveson Campaign Party at the Underdog on Whyte Avenue!

8:15 p.m. – The Underdog is filled with Don Iveson supporters. A photographer from the Edmonton Journal is taking picture of me live-blogging as I write.

8:17 p.m. – The Edmonton Journal has a story with me taking on U of A Political Science Professor Jim Lightbody on incumbency re-election.

8:25 p.m. – Live results will soon be posted at Edmonton Election. U of A Students’ Union President Michael Janz is arguing about provincial lobbying with fellow students.

8:29 pm – First results rolling in: Ward 5: Don is in second place with 5 polls reporting…

COUNCILLOR – WARD 5 5 / 44 Polls Reported
Candidate Name # of Votes % of Votes
Bryan Kent Anderson 1264 33.19%
Don Iveson 1192 31.30%
Mike Nickel 1103 28.97%
Brent Michalyk 249 6.54%

There is cautious optimisim in the room as the mood is excited!

8:42 pm – After some computer difficulties, the Underdog is rocking as 17 polls are released in Ward 5:

COUNCILLOR – WARD 5 17 / 44 Polls Reported
Candidate Name # of Votes % of Votes
Bryan Kent Anderson 6540 33.61%
Don Iveson 6487 33.33%
Mike Nickel 5090 26.15%
Brent Michalyk 1344 6.91%

Don Iveson is in a solid second. Still a lot of polls to come in, but volunteers are pumped!

8:44 pm = Beers are flowing as the excitement fills the room. Cautious optimism, but major excitement. The room is now packed. Don Iveson and his wife Sarah Chan are milling with the campaign volunteers in the room.


COUNCILLOR – WARD 5 23 / 44 Polls Reported
Candidate Name # of Votes % of Votes
Don Iveson 9007 33.78%
Bryan Kent Anderson 8940 33.53%
Mike Nickel 6859 25.72%
Brent Michalyk 1860 6.98%

Half the polls reporting! The room continues to bounce. I’m taking another drink! Reporters cameras are going off in every direction. Half of the polls to come in, but this is exciting!

Mandel is cleaning house in the Mayors race. Eugene Plawiuk is here joining the fun!

8:51pm – Tight races in Ward 3, 4, and 6. Still tight in Ward 5, but there is something going on here. The room is now packed. A young excited crowd is filling the room.

8:53 pm – 29 polls reporting in Ward 5!

COUNCILLOR – WARD 5 29 / 44 Polls Reported
Candidate Name # of Votes % of Votes
Bryan Kent Anderson 11716 33.55%
Don Iveson 11563 33.11%
Mike Nickel 9238 26.46%
Brent Michalyk 2402 6.88%

Don is now in second to Anderson and Nickel is still trailing in Ward 5!

8:55 pm – Tight race between Chinwe Okelu, Chuck McKenna, and Amarjeet Sohi in Ward 6. Jane Batty, Ben Henderson, and Lewis Cardinal tight in Ward 4.

My good friend Anonymotron is talking on the phone with the wife next to me about Tony Caterina‘s strong placing in Ward 3.

Still close in Ward 5. The tension in the room is unbearable!

9:01pm – Campaign Manager Chris Henderson, Deputy CM Leanne Brown, and U of A SU VP External Steven Dollansky are closely watching the results. It’s exciting, but still some more polls to come in. It’s very hot in here.

I think Stephen Mandel might win.

Live-blogging is fun.

9:05 pm – It’s been a really long time since the last poll update. The room is booming. I just got another beer. Campaign partiers are crowded around the three or four laptops in the room. thank god for wireless.

9:07pm – The sweat is pouring off the roof of the Underdog. If you’re not busy tonight, come on down to the rocking Don Iveson party. Cautious optimism. Cautious optimism.

9:12 pm – New results – 41 out of 44 in Ward 5 – Bryan Anderson and Don Iveson in the lead. Nickel 1200 votes behind Iveson!

COUNCILLOR – WARD 5 41 / 44 Polls Reported
Candidate Name # of Votes % of Votes
Bryan Kent Anderson 16782 33.73%
Don Iveson 15821 31.80%
Mike Nickel 13773 27.68%
Brent Michalyk 3380 6.79%

The house is errupting. But still 3 polls left. It’s almost done! Can three polls make a big enough of a difference? We shall see. Reporters are crowding in the room. My good friend Don Iveson is doing very well. It’s up to those three last polls!!!

9:16 pm – I just spoke with a campaign volunteer from the Ben Hendsonson campaign in Ward 4, it’s a dog fight in Ward 4. Still waiting for the last three polls in Ward 5!

9:17pm – Councillor Bryan Anderson just called to congradulate Don Iveson. We’re moving to the Blackdog upstairs!

Liberal Leader Kevin Taft has joined the party! So has Tory candidate Raj Sherman!

9:23 pm – Where are those three polls!?!?!?

9:29 DON DON DON DON DON DONDONDONDONDON! It’s DONE Ward 5 has demanded better than their Nickel’s worth! Don Iveson is elected!

COUNCILLOR – WARD 5 44 / 44 Polls Reported
Candidate Name # of Votes % of Votes
Bryan Kent Anderson 17867 33.76%
Don Iveson 16848 31.84%
Mike Nickel 14597 27.58%
Brent Michalyk 3610 6.82%

Don Iveson has been elected. Brilliant. Congrats to all for their hard work.

I’m getting another beer.

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