AEUB Ed Stelmach

the aeub scandal continues.

The Alberta Energy and Utilities Board scandal continues to haunt Ed Stelmach‘s Tories as it has now been uncovered that the AEUB had hired a private investigation company to monitor a second public hearing in May 2007.

The board is already being investigated by the government for hiring Shepp Johnman to monitor landowners at a hearing in Rimbey who were opposed to a proposed powerline between Calgary and Edmonton.

According to the Canadian Press, “the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board accepts the findings of the privacy commissioner regarding undercover investigators at hearings into a contoversial power line.”

And in case you wanted any more evidence of Ed Stelmach’s decisive leadership skills, after defending the AEUB’s actions in spying on Albertans in June, our Conservative Premier has decided to ‘think about it…

“But Premier Ed Stelmach said he wants to see more evidence about the decision of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board to use private detectives at two hearings since last spring.

What more evidence does Ed Stelmach need before heads start to roll on the AEUB Board?

What about using public funds to hire private investigators to spy on Albertans does Ed
Stelmach find acceptable?

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