2007 Edmonton Municipal Election Don Koziak Stephen Mandel

a big day.

It’s a big political day today…

– It’s the candidate nomination deadline for municipal election candidates in Alberta. After 12 noon, Albertans will know who they will be able to vote for in the October 15 Municipal Elections. I already know who I am voting for in Ward 5.

– Don Koziak has thrown his hat in the ring for Mayor. Koziak’s last minute run against current Mayor Stephen Mandel should be an interesting one…

– Today is by-election day in Quebec. With three by-elections set for today, it should be interesting to see which way the political climate in La Belle Provence is shifting.

I was in Outremont back in August and if the amount of signs mean anything, it’s Robert Mulcair’s to lose. That said, a Mulcair win in Outremont sends a strong signal towards the Harper Tories and Dion Liberals about their growth potential on the vote rich island of Montreal.

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