2007 Edmonton Municipal Election

2007 edmonton school board election candidates.

Here is the final list of candidates running for election or re-election in the Edmonton Public School Board and Edmonton Catholic School District elections on October 15, 2007.

Edmonton Public School Board
Ward A
Bev Esslinger

Ward B
Wendy Keiver
Ken Shipka

Ward C
Sue Huff
Don Williams

Ward D
Amanda Beisiegel
Dave Colburn

Ward E
Ken Gibson
Neil MacDonald

Ward F
Don Fleming
Susan O’Neil

Ward G
Sheila Clifford-MacKay
Myrna Freeman
Terry McKinnon
George Rice
Marlene Spencer

Ward H
Catherine Ripley
Neil Robblee

Ward I
Judith Axelson
Gerry Gibeault

Edmonton Catholic School District
Ward 1
Debbie Engel

Ward 2
Luigi Esposito
Becky Kallal
Jim Urlacher

Ward 3
Joe Filewych
Cindy Olsen
Jim Shinkaruk

Ward 4
Rudy Arcilla

Ward 5
John Acheson
Marilyn Bergstra

Ward 6

Kara Pelech

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