Calgary Elbow By-Election

calgary elbow by-election.

The by-election in Calgary Elbow was called yesterday and it is anticipated to be a hotly contested race between Alberta Liberal Craig Cheffins and PC candidate Brian Heninger. The by-election is set for June 12.

As the affordable housing crisis and the battle between Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier and Tory Premier Ed Stelmach play out (almost daily) on the front pages of Calgary’s dailies, these issues will likely play a big part in the Calgary Elbow campaign

Other nominated candidates include Social Credit candidate Trevor Grover, Alberta Alliance candidate Jane Greydanus (Ms. Greydanus has also authored 2063 posts on the Project Alberta webboard under the profile name “First Lady” and is engaged to former Alberta Independence Party leader Cory Morgan), and Green Party leader George Read. The mighty New Democrats have yet to announce their candidate.

Calgary Elbow was created in 1971 and MLA’s have included David Russell (1971-1989) and Ralph Klein (1989-2007). Here are the election results since 1989.

Ralph Klein, PC – 6,958
Stephen Brown, Liberal – 4,938
Allison Roth, Greens – 668
Diana-Lynn Brooks, Alliance – 488
Becky Kelley, NDP – 345
Trevor Grover, SC – 69
Lloyd Blimke, Ind 51

Ralph Klein, PC – 10,213
Harold Swanson, Liberal – 4,533
Mathew Zachariah, NDP – 369
Monier Rahall, Ind – 166

Ralph Klein, PC – 8,237
Harold Swanson, Liberal – 5,195
Lera Shirley, SC – 421
Shawn Christie, NDP – 307
Frank Haika, NLP – 75

Ralph Klein, PC – 10,061
Madeleine King, Liberal – 6,142
Eileen Teslenko, NDP – 617
Steve Tobler, SC – 312
Miel Gabriel, Ind – 101
Bruce Hansen, NL – 85

Ralph Klein, PC – 4,505
Gilbert Clark, Liberal – 3,682
David Jones, NDP – 719
Larry Heather, Ind – 174

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