Alberta NDP

a 3 dressed up as a 9.

This is why I chose to stay away from today’s affordable housing rally at the Alberta Legislature:

“Was it a housing rally or a commercial for the New Democratic Party?

Most of the 300 or so on hand for the protest Thursday at noon at the legislature didn’t seem to mind much, but a few weren’t cheering as the third party used the rally to introduce candidates in the next provincial election and slam the oppositon Liberals with as much vigour as the government.

“I didn’t realize the NDP was going to do a rally here, I thought it was for housing. That’s really why I actually came down,” said Dave, a young married guy who wouldn’t give his last name. Dave and his wife have been evicted twice in the last two years for condo conversion and recently saw his rent go up $450.

Grandstanding, anyone?

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